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The Five things Feminism Has Done For Me

1. I am usually the only woman on-site. I am comfortable with that. I am accepted as just another tradesperson. (I won't say it is always immediate, and that there aren't times that I am treated differently when I arrive at a new site, but when the job is done, any issue with the fact that I am a woman is laid to rest)

2. I didn't cook yesterday, or do the dishes, my husband did.

3. I am the owner of my destiny.

4. I am responsible for my own actions.

5. I wear a hard-hat and sweat-pants at work but still love to wear a dress, get my hair done, have the door opened for me and be treated like a lady. I have the best of both worlds.

So YOU'RE the carpenter I keep seeing on the job site...

I don't treat women any differently on the job site either. It's just a bit of a surprise...

(NOTE: Deleted the last line in comment)

Thanks for dropping by and taking the time to post. I hope you understand why I didn't post the last comment.

I'm not a carpenter though. Surprise...that's the word I needed when I wrote that. I've had people walk in and stop dead in their tracks. I get a kick out of it.

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