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Damn, I Wish I Wrote That!

But, I didn't. Bet you're not surprised by that.
(I do have talent. Writing just doesn't happen to be one of them.)

I am re-posting it with permission because it is inspiring.
Take this and create your own list of 18 steps you can take
for what cause you stand behind:

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

When you've realised that there is more diversity
within human groups
than between them ...

When you've realised that ethnic cleansing and genocide
can only occur when their motivations and consequences
are spun, obscured, and omitted from wide public
awareness ...

When you've realised that no-one is born knowing everything
and no-one dies knowing everything ...

when you've realised that changing things
and helping to change things
are really the same act ...

when you've finally realised that you are not completely
powerless ...

when you've realised that your
and keyboard
can inform and influence ...

& when you're tired of sitting around without a plan ......

you may be interested in the 18 suggestions contained in
the following article from Axisflogic.com ...

Good night and good luck,

Taken from this article at the "wake-up from your slumber" blogspot.
They are also on my "links list" as "The Truth Will Set You Free."
One day I'll have to ask which title they prefer.