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China, WTO and WTF happened to Democracy?

Chuck Strahl (Agriculture Minister) visits China they will talk agriculture and human rights. It seems China likes western products. Imagine tapping into that market!

World Trade, IMF, Protectionism and the global economy all wrapped in one. They try so hard to come to agreements when trade and money is there. I wonder why they don't put half as much effort into pushing for fairness, equality and peace when it comes to countries that have innocent people being starved to death, being bombed to bits, completely ignored by the media and world govenments. There's no money in it?

The Blog "SoulJah" has a post of the attacks on peaceful protestors in Portland. It seems, now more than ever, we need to video tape ourselves for our own protection. It's a sad day when it comes to that. This is the democracy we are supposed to be spreading across the world? This is what we bomb countries for? So they can have our "brand" of freedom? I guess it's not democratic to promote peace. I'm confused.