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Call to Stand for Humanity Online Petition

Call to Stand for Humanity Canadian Action Party, a registered Canadian Federal Political party, is calling for all leaders, both political and religious, of every nation, and all free people to condemn the U.S. Torture, Assassination and Detainment law (H.R. 6166) officially described as “Military Commissions Act of 2006” and passed into USA law on October 5, 2006. If you do not support the authority of George W. Bush (and all future American presidents or their agents) to detain, arrest, torture and/or assassinate any and every human being on the planet deemed a “threat”, then decency and history demand that you publicly declare your position, immediately. The U.S. Congress and Senate has insanely endorsed these unrestrained personal powers for use, at his pleasure, into law. This law seeks to make George W. Bush judge, jury and executioner in every country, over every citizen. With such power endorsed, all rights, all liberties are forfeited. Speak plainly. Speak now, before simple dissent is used as the warrant for your own extermination. Do you endorse or oppose such power? We shall post this message on our website (http://www.canadianactionparty.ca/) to document all those in government who refuse to oppose this bill or choose to remain silent.

Please stand with us for all humanity. Please sign our online petition today at http://www.petitiononline.com/capactn/petition.html

We appreciate all comments please direct your support to stand@canadianactionparty.ca and help us spread this message. Please circulate widely, send to your MP, Senators, all world leaders, political, religious and other.

Contact: Connie Fogal, Leader, Catherine Whelan Costen, PresidentTel: 1.604.708.3372 or email: stand@canadianactionparty.ca

I love what Milton had to say about this over at Vive Le Canada.

"I just made my reservation for the camp of concentration."

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