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after a needed rest. I never did make it to the protest on the 28th. The people I was going with didn't want to go because of the weather. I was disappointed, but I'm over it now. I'm sure it won't be the last one.

I spent the week-end catching up on my hobbies and reading blogs. A lot of interesting stuff. There is so much happening that I want to post everything, and then lose out on writing on the numerous projects I have been collecting information on from the past year. It's hard to find the time to do everything I want to do. Keeping a blog is harder than I thought. I keep trying to get my dear husband to start posting, but he hasn't taken me up on the offer yet.

Today I am just going to post a few articles of interest. Hopefully, I'll find time in the near future to write more informative articles of my own.

U.S. Army North up and running
it is responsible for specific missions, including conducting the Army-to-Army portion of the theater cooperation mission with Canada and Mexico.

Alternatives sought for UN seat
Latin American and Caribbean diplomats seeking to break an impasse over a hotly contested seat on the UN Security Council are considering alternate candidates from a list of countries, Guyana’s foreign minister said yesterday.“We are now bringing forward names like the Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Uruguay,”

Canada: Israel’s new friend in North America
Peter MacKay delivered a pro-Israel speech several days ago at a Bonds Gala event in Montreal. Following his speech, which incidentally didn’t leave any room for doubt as to Canada’s support of Israel, MacKay emphasized that his government did not intend on “sitting on the fence” as far as various international issues were concerned, even if it meant taking risks.

Canada plans to set up own no-fly list
Canada announced plans on Friday to set up its own list of passengers considered too dangerous to fly on airliners, in parallel with a U.S. no-fly list set up after the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.

CSIS boss wants bigger foreign spying role; former MI6 chief seconds call
And it is clear that we need to strengthen our future capacity to do more of this nimbly and effectively," he said. "This will entail not only further investments in people but, as well, the infrastructure to support them outside of Canada."
A secret CSIS task force last December called for new resources to bolster the spy agency's work overseas against terrorism.
The internal group looked at how best to manage foreign operations in the future, as well as the necessary personnel and budget.
Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said in May the federal government would either create a new spy agency or expand the mandate of CSIS.
Day suggested the money needed to launch a new service - likely tens of millions of dollars - would not be a barrier.

PM Olmert: Israel to expand military operations in Gaza Strip
Olmert told the Knesset committee that in recent months, the IDF killed 300 militants in the Gaza Strip.However, Olmert was also quick to warn of a pending humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip and said that unless it is contained, it can deteriorate into a humanitarian disaster.He said Israel was not to blame for the situation, and blamed militant groups and domestic infighting among the Palestinian factions for transforming the Gaza Strip into an area of human suffering.

Feds Leapfrog RFID Privacy Study
The draft report concludes that "RFID appears to offer little benefit when compared to the consequences it brings for privacy and data integrity" -- a finding that was widely criticized by RFID industry officials when the committee met in June.
Meanwhile, the RFIDs just keeping coming. Last week, the State Department announced that it would soon be issuing new cards for visitors to Mexico, Canada and the Bermudas containing a chip that could be read from 20 feet away.