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Aren't We Forgetting Something?

If you work for someone and don't do your job, you get fired. What if the things you did weren't in the companies best interests, it was hurting the company? You would be fired.

If you don't do the job you are supposed to do, do you get paid? Not too likely...

Can you show up for work and sidetrack issues, ignore and change rules and regulations that are put in place to protect other workers and that company, still keep your job and get paid?

Aren't we forgetting that the Government works FOR us? Canadians are funding this Government, paying their wages, and yet we have to sit back and let them make changes to laws and set their own agenda for our Country. Something here stinks to me.

I have always been active about issues and events going on in the world, but never bothered to learn how things actually run and work in the system, the more I learn, the more confused I become.

I read progressive bloggers everyday and no one seems happy with the way things are. What do we do, sit around and wait for it to get worse? I don't understand. We have to wait for an election? What? Is this how it works? I'm serious, I really don't know. This is what democracy is all about? I don't get it.

Candians get screwed but still have to foot the bill? And we can do nothing but talk about it? That's what we get out of the deal? That's quite a privilege. How long do I have to keep bending over because it's starting to get uncomfortable?

You're at the point where you need to run for election, or run someone who will do what's right. There aren't enough groups of friends putting good people into power, and instead the riff raff get in and use government to make their life better, instead of the PEOPLE.

Can I ask you something? Does it really matter if the person you want in has the best intentions? Look at what Garth Turner has been saying. In the end, don't they all just end up having to do whatever the party wants? That's what I get out of what I have been reading.

It seems like voting for the person means nothing, it's the party that makes all the decisions, and right now, I don't agree with any of the parties that are likely to get in. Even though there are people in the parties that have ideas that I like.

The only party with a platform I could stand behind is the Canadian Action Party.

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