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Anti-native protest (tomorrow - October 15)

UPDATE: Listen to the events at Caledonia as they progress today.

Please go to Yaya Canada for links and informatiom about this group and the protest in Caledonia.
I hope I'm wrong but, I have a bad feeling about this protest. I hope the media is there or many people with video cameras.


I'm really worried about this too. It looks like provocation for the sake of it.

I've heard the leader (McHail?sp?) on the radio a couple of times and he does not sound reasonable to me, rather, he has grudge and that's never good. It goes back to Ipperwash and his gripe is with the OPP and of course how he perceives their behaviour.

When David Peterson was involved in the negotiation, he predicted that just such a reaction, was the biggest threat to the process and a huge risk vis a vis violence.

Let's hope rationale heads prevail.

(I apologise if I repeated info here. I couldn't readily access yaya canada)

PS - Thank you for the gorgeous photo of your jewelry. I just saw your comment at my blog and left you a comment with the photo.

I agree. There is definately more to this group than meets the eye. I am praying for freezing rain and a cancellation. But I won't hold my breathe. They are after as much attention as they can gather.

Let's hope our politicians deal with this in a proper manner, unlike Ipperwash. Everyone is watching this time.

What I don't get: It seems fairly obvious that the Natives must be right about the land claim. If they weren't, proper documentaion would have been plastered all over the media, and the issue would be over.

The fact that the government bought the land back has to be quite telling...no?

I do wish there was something obvious about all of this. On it's face, how the gov't handled it would point to a logical conclusion, but this is so complex, we've been so bad at keeping records, or hiding them, I'm not sure, it just goes on and on.

Suffice it to say, IMO, there are many matters that are unsettled and I understand the frustration. That said, I don't think innocent people and childen should suffer on either side.

Someone has to come up with a fair way of resolving these issues.

Let's be hopeful about tomorrow. Politicians, police, everyone involved need to keep a cool head. That's what I'm hoping for.

Sorry a_r, (is it okay that I do that?) I just tried to link, but heard bingo being called, so I guess I missed the live feed.

I got caught up in the debate today, so I missed the live action, but I understand all in all, it went well.

I listened to some right wing radio before the protest, and I can say I was really worried. The language! Well, suffice it to say it was appalling.

If things didn't go as well as I've heard, I hope you can shed some light.

I still think it was a dumb, wrong headed thing to do. The thrust of the right argument was, "they", the Indians, (whhhaat?) are going to come and take all of our homes. How have we become so stupid...actually, I dont think most of us are. But it begs the question, doesn't it?

BTW, on QP today, a Liberal said the word Palestine. That goes back to an old post of yours and I'm not at this point trying to promote the Lib's. I just wanted you to know, it's not a concept or state, that has been left out of the vernacular.

Keep staring at peace, it will come.

Thx for the update knb. I hope catnip posts the Palestine part up. Is there somewhere else I can go to see it?

All went well at the protest so far. (That I know of) Thank Goodness! I was hoping that would be the case. Still, the night isn't over. I turned the radio off, maybe I'll check back in. The message boards haven't said anything otherwise.

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