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Announcement From CAP

The Canadian Action Party (CAP) is planning to run candidates in the upcoming byelections - Mahmood Raza in Repentigny, who was their candidate in Papineau last election, and Will Arlow in London N Central, who was their candidate in Elgin Middlesex London. (Photo: Will Arlow)

They need financial support and all kinds of other help as well. If you live in either of those two ridings, you are encouraged to contact the candidates to offer your assistance.
Raza's cell # is: 514 995 4216 or you can email
Arlow's cell # is: 519 852 8279

Connie Fogal, CAP's leader, suggests ways to help:
Can you [help to] gather signatures right now ... This needs to be done before November 5th.

You can contribute in kind instead of money. If you have a newspaper, or billboards, or other advertising space you can free up, please do so. Third party advertising is allowed with certain reporting requirements. We can tell you how. Or go to the Elections Canada website.

Can you contribute bumper stickers or posters? We can design them. Can you host the candidate or feed him or chauffeur him? Can you handle phone messages, e mail messages? Can you lend him directly or via CAP the $1000.00 deposit which will come back after the election when all the reporting requirements are completed? Can you produce and or distribute literature? Can you canvass door to door?

We need fluent French speakers for Repentigny work. Can you translate materials? Head office already has some brochures available that need to be translated.

Can you interview the candidate and produce a video or audio for his web section? Will you give of your time to be the organizational person for the candidate coordinating all the incoming and outgoing info and work, and managing his timetable?

Do you have any particular information on issues critical to the riding? Can you highlight these for the candidate and get them to whoever is selected to create local material? We have a communication consultant and an artist on standby to assist if necessary, but we need local volunteer people if possible.

(Hat Tip to Yaya Canada)

Good luck to your CAP. I hope they do better than the Conservatives, but not so well as my Greens :-)

CAP will kick your Green butt!!! :) But I also hope your Green does better than the CONS

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