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whatreallyhappened has some headlines today that shouldn't be overlooked. If you scroll down he has 3 videos of the IDF shooting journalists. The news just gets worse everyday.

This statement was drafted by U.S. Jews committed to stopping and holding accountable Israel for its destructive policies and practices--most immediately for a halt to the current attacks on Lebanon and Gaza.

The Conservative government will reportedly soon release new vehicle-emissions standards that will be one of the most stringent on the continent. Not to mention the car industry is hurting, and they need to find a way of selling more. I wonder why there is so much focus on vehicles and not on the industries that pollute our water and air?

More than a dozen Arab countries were blocked by a Canadian motion in their bid to have a vote on a resolution labelling Israel's nuclear capabilities a threat on the final day of the International Atomic Energy Agency's annual meeting. ????? I just can't believe it.

The U.S. Coast Guard has laid plans to create 34 "safety zones" on the Great Lakes for artillery training. But some people are complaining about how close to shore they will be.