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Some Light Reading

The Supreme Court of Canada has redefined "Breach of trust" which could potentially make it more difficult to obtain criminal convictions against politicians or public servants charged with corrupt conduct.

A member of Congress from Michigan complained to Canadian officials about the recent release of apparently raw sewage into the St. Marys River.

Oh boy...if this is true. We're all in for it!

A good article on North America.

Another reason why we should resist our growing dependance on computers. Imagine "cash cards" and "voting machines" being the standard. Imagine how happy the hackers would be...

Politicians should become more spiritual? I tend to disagree. We don't have to look hard to see how governments hide behind religion to do vulgar things. How about we accept other peoples religious beliefs and keep the politics out of it?

The World Bank approved a $13 million grant to help fight the threat of the bird flu in the West Bank and Gaza. HMMMMMMMMM........it's ok to watch them starve, being treated and herded like animals, have their homes destroyed and land stolen but by GOD we will not let the bird flu get them!