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Mr. Harper, why is this okay?

As a world leader, Mr. Harper is to be an example for the people in our Country. So, he is teaching us that what is happening in Palestine is okay. He stands behind it. He won't speak out against the suffering, abuse and starvation. He doesn't care that people are treated worse than animals. He doesn't care if children go hungry. He just doesn't care.

Mr. Harper, I wonder how you sleep at night. I wonder how you look at yourself in the mirror. Do you feel no shame? Does it not embarrass you to know that millions of people see you for who you are? A puppet. Not a leader, because that would be someone with intelligence and a mind of his own. Not a whiner who threatened to quit his party after losing the last election. You have to use threats against the senate, against the press, and that is because you don't even have the skills to communicate and educate. Is that because the goals you are pursuing are not your own and you don't even know enough about them to actually hold a debate or conversation about them?

Can anyone watch and read these links and not know enough to see that it is unjust, immoral and wrong?

New words, old tactics
A lasting settlement to the conflict will necessarily require a Palestinian state side by side with the state of Israel; and recognition that the demands of the Palestinian people are no more than the reasonable demands of any other people - a land and an identity of their own.

Palestinian Donors: What Mission ?
Their financial and diplomatic embroilment in the Palestinian internal dialogue has affected their image from bad to worse. The donors and their democracies are now publicly criticized as being in collusion with a plan to bring down the Palestinian government and to bring the PA to its knees politically.The Palestinians have no resources under the Israeli occupation and it is difficult for them to negotiate the type of aid they get. Either they take it or they leave it. If they take it, they take it with conditions. If they don't, they end up with nothing, which sums up their current dire situation.

Commentary: The price of Israel
Once again Israel wreaks havoc and destruction and the world's main response is to seek ways to "guarantee the security of Israel." This is the essence of the present diplomatic flurry, of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, and most alarmingly the premise underlying the dominant Western, and to a lesser extent Arab, political discourse.

Iraq: Palestinians Under Attack, But Unable to Flee
Amid widespread sectarian violence in Iraq, Palestinian refugees in Iraq face particularly grave security threats, including targeted killings by mostly Shi'a militant groups and harassment by the Iraqi government, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. Countries in the region such as Jordan and Syria must open their borders to Iraqi Palestinians at risk, and the international community must urgently respond to their plight by providing financial assistance to the host countries and third-country resettlement opportunities on a humanitarian basis.

Powerless in Gaza
I am going crazy without electricity. There is even a shortage of candles now – I had to use the two my wife and I had received from our marriage. I worry about [starting a] fire," said the 36-year-old from Beit Lahiya.
For the past two months, Gaza residents like Aqdeir have lived without a regular supply of electricity after the Israeli military bombed Gaza's only power station on 28 June.

Israeli acts of kindness
1:20 - Palestinians put out an Israeli induced fire in what appears to be Al Aqsa mosque.
1:24 - Israeli soldiers storm the mosque and start chasing unarmed Palestinians, beating them with long objects - either bats or batons, and shooting at them
2:27 - Israeli soldiers drag a lifeless Palestinian through the street, as if he were a head of cattle
2:50 - an Israeli soldier kicks a Palestinian man as he lies unarmed on the ground with half a dozen others.
3:54 - a mob of Israeli soldiers storm towards a group of Palestinian women and start pushing them around.
5:57 - an Israeli soldier uses a long object to beat a Palestinian sitting on the hood of an Israeli jeep as a human shield.

6:04 - two Israeli soldiers take a 6yr old Palestinian boy hostage and run away with him thrown over their shoulder. One soldier pushes a woman pleading with them to let the boy go.
(Watch the video at this link)

The Truth Will Set You Free
(Read any of their latest posts)

All Eyes on Lebanon, Gaza Tragedy Forgotten
Gaza appears like a dead city extending from the Erez Gate to Rafah at the Egyptian border. Most of the shops are closed. Since Israel has control over almost all aspects of life, it sometimes takes days for the basic human needs to enter the region. Israel bombs houses every day under the pretense that it is hitting militants.

Thanks for those links, FT!

It is more and more painful to learn about the miseries happening over there, especially in view of our own powerlessness. One is so tempted sometimes to just "tune off". But I know that I do not have the right to do so.

In fact, I have lately learnt of the suicide of Christophe de Pontilly, the journalist who did such interesting work with Afghan leader Massood, assassinated as you may remember just two days before 9/11. De Pontilly wrote a letter about that to the US.

I guess he could not take it any more.

Anyway kindest regards to you, FT!

You're welcome furgaia. Thanks for dropping by!
It's hard to beleive that this is ignored. I notice too, that it is easier to find things if you search "Gaza" than it is "Palestine." I think it's become a "taboo" word. What are they going to start calling them Gazan's and erase any reference to Palestine and Palestinian's?
Thanks for your links, as well, I hadn't heard about these people before. I'll have to read more!
Take Care :)

ughhhh...believe. I should check for errors before I hit the publish buttton. I give myself too much credit thinking I have it right!! :)

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