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Just another day...

The U.S. Asset Portfolio
U.S. upstream M&A activity surged in 2005 in deals involving every type of E&P company-from major oils to newly formed private firms.

Cheney income tops Bush 12-fold
US Vice President Dick Cheney and his wife earned 8.82 million dollars last year, some 12 times the amount President George W. Bush made, the White House said Friday.

Ban on Terminator Seeds Stands Despite Canadian Government Stance
Farmers in Canada and around the world heaved a collective sigh of relief when efforts to undermine a six-year UN moratorium on Terminator seed technology were rejected at a recent meeting of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) in Brazil.
Canada, Australia and New Zealand—the so-called Terminator Trio—supported by the U.S. and the biotechnology industry, were pushing for a change to the language governing the moratorium with the aim of eventually having it eliminated altogether.

Could bills lead way to oil drilling in the Great Lakes?
Both the U.S. Senate and House have passed bills that would allow exploration in an area of the Gulf of Mexico previously off-limits, said Abby Rubley of Environment Michigan in Ann Arbor.
"There is a federal moratorium that is very similar to the federal moratorium on the Great Lakes for drilling," said Rubley. "Our concern is if we open that area, we set a dangerous precedent for drilling in the Great Lakes."

Bombers ... In Spaaaaace!
The U.S. Military Space Plane -- or MSP -- has been high on the Pentagon's wish list since at least 2003, when an Air Force planning document revealed the military's desire for a quick-launch space plane that could drop a bomb anywhere on the globe within two hours, without the need of forward bases.
Also wanted is a space vehicle that can repair, deploy and even attack satellites, or insert reconnaissance drones into the atmosphere -- all within hours of orders.

Mexican truckers to hitU.S. roadways next year
The August issue of Teamster magazine features a cover story on the plan for an enlarged I-35 that will reach north from the drug capital border town of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, 1,600 miles to Canada through San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis and Duluth, while I-69 originating at the same crossing will shoot north to Michigan and across the Canadian border.