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In Other News...

This just doesn't make sense. While I am saddened by the death of Montreal-based photojournalist Zahra Kazemi. There has been a protest outside of the Ontario Legislature and calls to the UN to try the Iranian President for her murder. This is getting out of hand. Let's all just put people on trial for anything, come on, it's time to stop with accusations, propaganda and tactics meant to sway people into a certain mode of thinking.

Tactics like having the foreign minister of Austalia tell us that Australians would be shocked if we left Afghanistan. Oh boy, we wouldn't want to shock them now, would we? So, just shut up and do what the Harper Government wants.

You know, like by supporting Israel and forced labor for Palestinian children in an Israeli prison or the West Bank: a government in jail. Wait! Even better, check out all these murdered children in Palestine. Neat O, eh, Mr. Harper? Good thing you are the DECISION MAKER OF CANADA, we should all obediently follow your moral and decent ways. Just imagine what Canada would be like if we did.