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Early Morning Tidbits

My spin on this disgusting piece I found from a trade industry article...
Invest in Afghanistan! For some reason, we have no idea why, state owned business are now becoming privatized. And they need your money. Why invest your money? CHEAP LABOUR. This is a list of companies you can buy into, and more are on the way!!!! Please help us help Afghanistan. WE CAN ALL PROFIT. Another bonus, our children in the military will take the bullet, so you don't have to. It's a win win situation for all! Well...all of us that matter.
And why do I feel this way? Afghanistan Facts

Liberal Keith Martin spoke at the Kentucky Canadian Studies Roundtable about "Opportunities for Canadian and United States Cooperation at Home and Abroad."

The Tory government has dumped Jack Iyerak Anawak, a former Liberal MP, from his job as Canada’s Arctic ambassador, and is eliminating the position from the Foreign Affairs department.

Minister of Trade David Emerson says "We have not been aggressive enough and focused enough on ensuring that Canada keeps up with the rapid, almost competitive, expansion of bilateral free trade agreements," he told a gathering of business people. Much was made of the fact that Canada has not signed a single free trade agreement in the past five years. Uh-oh...where is this headed?

Boeing wins the contract to create a high-tech border surveillance system across the U.S.-Mexico and U.S.-Canada borders. The project, expected to cost more than $2 billion over the next three to six years, will integrate motion sensors, cameras, and an estimated 1,800 high-tech towers to feed live information to Border Patrol agents.