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Canadian bits...

Construction unions want Ottawa to bar foreign workers on B.C. bridge project
B.C. construction unions are demanding the federal government stop a German company from importing cheap labour to help build a new bridge across the Fraser river near Vancouver.

Retiring general to lead security initiatives
Brig. Gen. Jose Riojas will retire next week after he turns over Joint Task Force North to the agency's next commander, but he's not going to start breaking in a rocking chair.
On Sept. 8, Brig. Gen. Anthony R. Ierardi, director of Capabilities Development, U.S. Army Capabilities Integration Center, will take command of JTF-North. Riojas, after a 30-year career in the Army, will become the University of Texas at El Paso's vice president for strategic initiatives, where he wants to push the school to national prominence as a support center for homeland and border security issues.

As Obasanjo tells of dev’t partnersNIGERIA POLLS FOR APRIL 2007• NDC may benefit from candidate Babangida’s $billions• NPP may be disadvantaged
Nigeria’s Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Tuesday fixed the 21st of April 2007 as the date for its presidential elections.
The elections would feature military leaders like Major Gen. Buhari, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida and the key Christian civilian governor, Peter Odile, for this ultimate contest, which would have a bearing on Ghana’s polls the year after.

World Bank Seminar Series: Global Issues Facing Humanity
Warning: PDF File

A North American Community: A Proposal to Deepen NAFTA
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Japan, Canada to hold meeting of defense chiefs on Monday
Japanese Defense Agency Director General Fukushiro Nukaga will meet with his Canadian counterpart, National Defense Minister Gordon O'Conner, on Monday, the agency announced Friday.
The defense summit between the two countries -- the first since March 2003 -- is expected to cover such topics as exchanges of defense officials, regional issues and international peacekeeping activities.

Pak-Canada agree for more cooperation against terrorism
Canadian Defence Minister Gordon O'Connor Friday lauded Pakistan's role for doing "fantastic job" in the fight against terrorism and stressed more cooperation between Kabul and Islamabad to effectively counter the menace.

The united state of Canadian journalism
Noble intentions, even as a side effect of military intervention (as they were for Canada in Afghanistan), are just dandy if your goal is to drum up blind support for government policy. Which, to confirm your fears Mr. Martin, is exactly what the Canadian media is up to right now. Eventually we're going to have to deal with some of the trickier issues as the years roll by and our troops are still fighting and dying in a futile war that only happened because there was never any debate to begin with.

RFID May Be Key To Finding Latest Mad Cow Case
Canada has spotted more cases of mad cow disease, and some U.S. experts say an aggressive RFID tagging program has helped find sick animals faster.

Say Goodbye To The Real Internet
The giant telecoms have come up with a brilliant strategy to ensure they can create a partitioned-off, for-profit Internet, and they're implementing it now. The above website is your introduction to a world of bullshit that I promise you will mark the successful corporate takeover of the Internet. Mark my words --but do it fast, because they won't be here for long, unless the telecoms are stopped.

Cullen to attend APEC Finance Ministers' meeting
Dr Cullen will hold bilateral talks with Vietnamese Finance Minister Vu Van Ninh, Mr Jin Renqing, the Finance Minister for the People's Republic of China, and Canadian Finance Minister James Flaherty. He will also meet Japan's Senior Vice-Minister for Finance, Naokazu Takemoto, Chile's Under-Secretary for Finance, Mrs Maria Olivia Recart, and discuss international education opportunities with Vietnam's Minister of Education and Training, Mr Nguyen Thien Nhan.

University of Guelph report shows that regulatory obstacles are thwarting biotechnology in Canada
Canada will have to change the way it regulates scientific advances if it’s to benefit economically and socially from biotechnology innovation, according to a new report by a University of Guelf professor.
“Federal and provincial government agencies have made a concerted effort to increase support for biology,” said philosophy professor David Castle, the study’s lead author. “But biotechnology innovation continues to outpace the development of the regulations necessary for product approvals. This problem is highlighted when new biotech products straddle different regulatory authorities.”
(How about they just stop this monopoly on our food supply. When is the Canadian Government going to do something about this mess? A_R)