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The Canadian Action Party

I listened to this speech and could not believe this was a Canadian politician having the guts to speak the truth. I'm blown away!

I know I'll hear people say not to throw a vote away on a party that won't win but if we all think that way, there will will never be change. There will always be the same parties and the same politics. Just look at where Canada is today and tell me with a straight face and in your heart that you want more of it. If you can honestly tell me you are content with our resources being stripped from us and corporations calling the shots. Huge military spending, our health care at risk and deeper integration with the United States. Then, cast your vote for any one of the 3 main parties. The more I read about them, it looks like they do a lot of talking, but that's about all they do. If they really were against any of the above there would have been action taken long before now. They have had their chance and who took action? Real action that would have stopped the complete sell-out of Canada? Not one of them, because our Country has been sold.

I have to stand behind someone who I think has the guts and the drive to actually do more than talk and argue because it makes them look like they are doing their job. I want someone who will get the job done.

If you have an open mind, at least watch this video. You will never hear another politician give a speech like this. Call it a cast away vote, I call it "waking up"

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You can also visit their site here.