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Are we looking at the next secretary general of the UN?

A few days ago I was reading a blog about someone from Canada going to school in the States. They talked about how boring the whole process was on the first day of orientation for students from outside the Country. Near to the end the speaker told them that you haven't experienced the U.S until you had seen the Latvian dancers and they should go see them.

I saved the blog page because the first thing I thought was: WHAT???? What does that have to do with the States? Naturally, I went searching for what was going on in Latvia for the speaker to have mentioned it. When I gathered all the links for this post, I went back to find the blog, no luck. So whoever you are, thanks for the topic and for writing about your day.

I went to Wiki and came across Vaira Vike Frieberga, the President of Latvia who was re-elected in 2003. She studied here in Canada and taught psychology in Montreal. She actively pursued inclusion into NATO and the EU and supports the US invasion of Iraq.

Then I came across this article with the headline: Time for a Woman at the U.N. saying that she has expressed interest in the secretary general post.

And now, of course, comes this headline: Latvian president to run for UN secretary general.

After the comment at the University, I think I'll place my bets on Vaira to win. How about you?

UPDATE: I found the blog!! Capitalist Pig vs Socialist Swine and here is the blog entry.


Very interesting.

But Mr. Bolton, what does he think?


If you want to follow President Vike-Freiberga's campaign, as well as the other candidates', check out UNSG.org

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