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All in a days work

US Threatens Palestinian President Since when aren't they threatening someone? Nothing new here:, move along.

Someone over at the Council on Foreign Relations says the "Atlantic democracies" should avoid open political confrontations infront of the press and that the EU should step up on security issues and their military. That the US would listen to their needs if they had important assets to offer the US to compromise.

The State Department in Washington joined forces with several American industries to plan an image make-over by issuing guides for Americans travelling overseas on how to behave. What an insult to American citizens! I wonder if their own tax dollars went to pay for that?

Here is an article that admits globalization will take industry from industrialized countries and leave us unemployed unless we create new industries. I've often thought that we would end up paying to build up other nations for the corporations. Once we've played our part and paid the way, what good are we?

Where there is a will there is a way. Can't let that nasty privacy legislation stand the in way.