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Why I dropped my support for the NDP

Canada must speak out about the crisis in the Middle East and call for a cease-fire

NDP Foreign Affairs and International Development Critic, Alexa McDonough (Halifax) today called on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to break the silence that has muted Canada’s voice on the international stage while Canadians at home are expressing their growing concern for the civilians caught in the midst of a worsening crisis.
“I call upon Stephen Harper to speak up and denounce the brutal attacks being perpetrated against civilians in Lebanon, Israel and the Gaza strip,” says McDonough. “And when the Prime Minister does speak, let him remember that Canadians deplore the loss of innocent lives, and that he bears a responsibility as Canada’s representative to advocate the views of its citizens.”

Gaza strip? Why not use the name of the place? It is called PALESTINE. What a way to spin it, they are just as bad as our biased or mis-informed media. Is it a taboo subject for the NDP Party? Canada now has another party following instead of leading. Another party that turns a blind eye to the truth? All of Palestine suffers from the illegal occupation of Israel. Not just Gaza. The problem in the Middle East stems with our utter disregard and denial of the human rights abuses caused by the Israeli Government, their absolute disregard for the rulings of the UN. It looks more and more like Canada is a one party Country. I'm almost tempted to hand my vote to the BQ. A_R

I hear you...why won't they use Palestine?...too politically incendiary. If the UN blls could only be sanctioned, this 'nonsense talk' amongst politicians would end. No one is being honest, everyone is giving their spin. Be patient..someone will show fortitude. To the degree you would like?, probably not...that is what democracy is. Its not, and shouldn't be, weighted to one side. It should sit in one place, where there can be honest dissent and discourse, that will be listened to.

Though I wish it could be, the world will never be just as we want it. I think the best we can do, is influence it to see reason, freedom and the right of each individual to lead the life they choose. If the life they choose is not one that better's ALL others, then we have the right to question, discourse, and decide again, just exactly what do we want.

It's a protracted affair my friend. I won't see it my lifetime, sadly. Perhaps you will, but I suspect it may be you're grandchildren, unless of course, there are more of you speaking out.

NDP values are great, but they will not hold a government in this country. I personally hold many of them,but I try to be realistic. Look to those who can throw some sway behind your ideals. You may disagree on some fronts, but can you then put your effort behind them to change?, take notice?

Love your passion...don't lose it, too many do.

I really thought the NDP was what Canada needed in Leadership. (Well, if there were more CAP candidates that would be ideal, as I am not a fan of NAFTA)

I went to their site and read the news releases, I didn't notice the use of the word Palestine in any of them. It's like they are cleansing the releases for some reason. I don't expect some kind of Utopia in life, but I truly do not understand why Palestine is such a taboo subject.

I am waiting for a reply from them. The one thing is trying to keep my emotions in check when I get writing. I think I could be more effective if I could do that. But I do believe asking our Politicians to at least state the obvious shouldn't be that big a leap. It's obvious to most Canadians and by coming out and talking about it wouldn't be a big thing. It would be the right thing.

I guess for now we pick the lesser of the evils. Thanks for the encouragement!

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