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Tidbits of info...

Canadian Firm Buying Wood From China
Toronto's Sino-Forest Corp. has signed a long-term deal to buy wood fiber from suppliers in Inner Mongolia.

Analysts Project Drop in Canadian Gas Exports Due to Oilsands Demand
Without innovations that can reduce gas demand from oilsands development in Canada or significant new supply from the Mackenzie Delta region, some analysts are predicting that Canadian gas exports to the United States could tumble by as much as 5.5 Bcf/d (63%) by 2020.

Rare cloud formation seen above Antarctica
"These clouds are more than just a curiosity," he said. "They reveal extreme conditions in the atmosphere and promote chemical changes that lead to destruction of vital stratospheric ozone.

CSA set to pass grease waste standard that contravenes municipal law: source
The new CSA standard for interceptors will, in some instances, allow 10 to 15 times more grease into the sewer system than current bylaws allow, said the source.

Re' the cloud formation story, did you read the article in the Globe about how the conservatives are trying shape their environment platform? Sending out people to speak to groups, telling them that global warming etc, is bunk?

I didn't read that! Thanks for letting me know. Somehow, I wasn't surprised by it though. At WhatReallyHappened, he says that as this earth is coming out of an ice age, it is only normal that we would have global warming. I can't argue with that statement, but we as a people are making things much worse and increasing the eefects because of our mining and industries. That they say it is bunk, that's just appalling. Now I have to find that article! Thanks a lot knb.

effects....you would think I'd check before I publish! :)

LOL, you were just channeling Bush's accent!

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