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Father speaks out against action in Afghanistan
In an e-mail to CTV Calgary, the father of one of the soldiers killed in Afghanistan says he no longer supports Canada's role there.
Pte. Kevin Dallaire is one of the four soldiers killed in Afghanistan Thursday.
His father, Gaetan Dallaire, lives in Calgary. He tells CTV News that he "used to approve this action" but he does "not believe that the final result will be what we expect it to be, and if it is, at what cost?"

Canada's Military-Media Complex
The lines separating Canada’s government, military, media, and private defense contractors are, if not imaginary, then ill-defined.

Did the use of Uranium weapons in Gulf War 2result in contamination of Europe?
Uranium weapons have been increasingly employed in battle action since their first use by the US and UK forces in the Persian Gulf War in 1991. Since then they have been used in the Balkans in the late 1990s, then Kosovo in 2000, probably in Afghanistan in 2002 and then also in the 2nd Gulf War (GW2) in March and April 2003. On impact, uranium penetrators burn fiercely to give an aerosol of sub micron diameter oxide particles which are largely insoluble and remain in the environment for many years. There is considerable public and scientific concern that these radioactive particles may remain suspended for long periods, or may become resuspended and are therefore available for inhalation by non combatants at some distance from the point of impact.

The World's Worst Internet Laws Sneaking Through the Senate
[Update: The Cybercrime Treaty
was ratified by the Senate late last night. The U.S. will now have to comply to requests for assistance from fifteen countries, and growing.]

Factory-farming practices have been linked to human illnesses, but alternative sources for meat and poultry are rapidly shrinking
Unless we control the use of antibiotics used on animals raised in so- called "factory farms," "we are going to have an epidemic of of untreatable stomach ailments, many of which will end in death," says Dr. Karim Ahmend of the National Resources Defense Council.

Is water the oil of the future?
Greater global demand for fresh water is placing a strain on the natural resource, making a potential shortage one of the most worrying problems of the new millennium. And, as the balance between supply and demand for usable water becomes increasingly precarious, many experts are predicting that water will become the oil of the future, which could result in water and water-related investments having significant upside potential.

U.S. Instigated Iran's Nuclear Program 30 Years Ago
White House staff members, who are trying to prevent Iran from developing its own nuclear energy capacity and who refuse to take military action against Iran "off the table," have conveniently forgotten that the United States was the midwife to the Iranian nuclear program 30 years ago.
Every aspect of Iran's current nuclear development was approved and encouraged by Washington in the 1970s. President Gerald Ford offered Iran a full nuclear cycle in 1976. Moreover, the only Iranian reactor currently about to become operative, the reactor in Bushire (also known as Bushehr), was started before the Iranian revolution with U.S. approval, and cannot produce weapons-grade plutonium.

Tom Ridge, Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Joins Iridium Satellite Board of Directors
Former Secretary and Governor of Pennsylvania Brings Extensive Experience on the Global War on Terror to Mobile Satellite Communications Provider

Corporatization Of The University
Michelle Renee Matisons: My main grievance is the complete backwardness of the administration's priorities. They aren't even trying to hide a pro-corporate, pro-business/development agenda. They call it "Destination 2010", we call it "Devastation 2010" or my new one: "Devastation, Money Spent". Student fees and professor workloads are increasing, course sections are being cut, and classrooms are overcrowded. It's changed noticeably since I started working here a few years ago. CSUS President Alexander Gonzalez and his minions are selling off chunks of campus-like the bookstore-to private interests, practicing nepotism, and enjoying hefty pay raises. It's blatant piracy of a public educational institution. For example, the university president, who just enjoyed a $61,000 pay increase this year, wants to build a recreation center with a bowling alley and all kinds of entertainment facilities, and they just sold off a chunk of library study space to convert it to a Java City. We need more classes and professors, not more coffee and distractions. Don't get me wrong, I like to drink coffee and bowl when I get the chance. But let's deal with the nuts and bolts issues of education first, please!

South Africa: Aerosud Signs Multi-Million Rand Contract With Bae Systems
A South African based company has been awarded a multi-million Rand contract to produce components for one of the most advanced combat aircrafts.

Armor to provide less-lethal munitions to Army
Armor Holdings Inc.'s latest contract with the U.S. Army is to provide munitions for use in crowd and riot control.
The multiyear deal is an indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity contract with a maximum value of $14.1 million. Armor will provide less-lethal munitions under the contract. The initial order is worth $1.3 million and is for 40 mm crowd dispersal munitions.

Boisclair accuses Charest of tailoring priorities to audience he's addressing
(Oh, and that just goes against the grain of what politicians do, right? Give it up! A_R)

"His proposals and priorities appear to vary depending on the people he's speaking to."

Due attention
The Cons may be doing their
t best to try to create a military purchasing process free of public scrutiny or accountability. But the NDP isn't letting them off the hook, demanding that the opaque procurement process be balanced by clear Parliamentary oversight:

Ukraine's shadow across Eurasia
The predicament facing the United States over the death of the "Orange Revolution" in Ukraine is somewhat similar. The choice is whether to do business with the incoming pro-Russian Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich or to destabilize him in the coming months by consorting with the mercurial opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko. The dilemma is acute insofar as Washington doesn't have a genuine "taste" for either of the two Ukrainian leaders.

Los Paranoias Part Duex
Now this is the way to run a leadership race boys and girls. It's all out war over at the Big Green and it's ever so much fun to watch!

Imperial Harper's air rage
Buried at the very end of a long Globe & Mail story about a mega-shuffle of deputy ministers in Ottawa by the Harper regime--apparently he's looking for a battalion of senior yes-persons--was this little anecdote, which speaks volumes about the character and personality of the man who stumbled into power earlier this year:

IDF warns UN troops will be attacked if they repair bridges
According to the UN, Israeli officials said the engineers would become a target if they attempted to repair the bridge.
Senior UN officials reacted angrily to the destruction of a temporary causeway over the Litani river overnight. "We must be able to have movement throughout the country to deliver supplies. At this point we can't do that," said David Shearer, the humanitarian coordinator for Lebanon. "The deliberate targeting of civilian infrastructure is a violation of international law."

The World According to the United States of America
(It's a joke)

Why is there a War in Afghanistan?
Opening Address, Science for Peace Forum and Teach-In, "How Should Canada Respond to War and Terrorism". University of Toronto, December 9, 2001

Jewish leader in Canada wants ban on Hezbollah demonstrations in Canada
(SPIN DOCTOR ALERT! It's not Hezbollah demonstrations, it's for Israel to stop the ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of land that they have no right to, it's to stop the HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSES that Israel has done for years against INNOCENT CHILDREN and CIVILIANS. This spin has worked for Zionist goals for a long time, but it's just not going to work anymore A_R)