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These Articles Say it All...

We Have Lost Our Faith

I have been feeling numb for a while; the overwhelming news in the past few days has focused on the displaced, the searing stories of people who fled in fear and left all their possessions behind. Pleas on TV stations and on the radio of people who lost their loved ones … Stories of their anxiety about homes they left behind … Scenes of people murdered on the roads as they fled … And stories of the destruction they saw on those roads.
I get confused: Am I seeing and hearing the stories of Palestinians who fled their homes in fear in 1948?
No: I am in Beirut, it is 2006, and these are the stories of the Lebanese who have been rendered refugees, but by the same perpetrators of the 1948 displacement: the State of Israel.
I have been collapsing. I cannot even write, or talk … I’m sad for my niece and nephew who were dreaming of a summer in Lebanon, where they hoped to attend a performance of the legendary Fairuz singing in Baalbeck, of seeing the ancient ruins they’d read about in their school in France. My niece was anxiously waiting to visit.
I have been feeling imprisoned, in a jail cell that is getting smaller and smaller by the day. I miss strolling by the sea. I miss reading some news … I miss receiving good news …

Holocaust denial - Zionist style

According to reports surfacing in the mainstream media, some people want to question the veracity of the HOLOCAUST that 'israel' is conducting against the Lebanese and Palestinian people. It has become painfully clear that 'holocaust' and 'Semite' are words confined to interpretation by zionists and their representatives. But who wants to listen to people that perpetrate death, destruction, and oppression? Not to mention racism, hate, and perpetual lies.