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That didn't take long...

A few days ago I posted this article:

Will Cuban oil find break U.S. embargo?
Some facts about America's trade embargo with Cuba:
• It's been U.S. policy since 1961.
• It has yet to loosen Fidel Castro' names grip on power.
• It has cost America little strategically or economically.
Until now, that is.
and said... (I can't wait to see how this unfolds A_R)


Castro undergoes surgery

Cuban President Fidel Castro, one of the world's most enduring leaders, handed over power provisionally to his brother and underwent surgery, he said in a statement read out on state television on Monday.

and good ol'

U.S. ready to aid transition in Cuba

With Cuban President Fidel Castro ailing, the State Department raised the possibility Tuesday of a democratic transition on the island and said the United States is prepared to support such a step.

(It has NOTHING to do with the oil, we wanna help...really...for capitoli...uhhh..what's that word? Demo...democracy....that's it! Yeah.) A_R