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Some Reading Material...

Agriculture Department to Reduce Mad Cow Testing by About 90 Percent
The Agriculture Department is cutting its tests for mad cow disease by about 90%, drawing protests from consumer groups. The current testing level -- 1,000 each day -- reflects the heightened concern that followed the discovery in December 2003 of mad cow disease in the United States. Since then, tests have turned up two more cases of the disease, known medically as bovine spongiform encephalopathy, or BSE.

US-Israeli war aim is to annihilate Lebanon
The sharp escalation of the attacks against Lebanon Friday have made it abundantly clear that the objective of this US-Israeli war of aggression is to demolish Lebanon as an independent and sovereign country.

Hours Being Reduced At Canadian Border Ports
Milne said the changed hours will allow authorities in the U.S. and Canada to make better use of their staff.

Provincial legislators lease office space from themselves
Ed Joyce (Lib. - Bay of Islands) and Kelvin Parsons (Lib. - Burgeo-La Poile) own the rental properties in which their offices. According to the Telegram story, both charge $350 per month to their House of Assembly accounts as rent on the office space.

Oil spill north of Vancouver, B.C. sends windsurfers scrambling
The cargo ship Westwood Anette hit a pier at a terminal and a fuel tank burst, Canadian Coast Guard spokesman Dan Bate said.

Is all this sacrifice really worth it?
Without parliament in session, there is no daily questioning of Mr Harper or his defence minister, and his main opposition, the Liberals, are in the midst of a bitter leadership race, full of conflicting policies on the mission.
David Bercuson, a military historian and strong supporter of Canada's role in Afghanistan, is betting that, despite the continuing deaths and public trepidation over them, the mission will continue. "I think we'll be there for a good while yet," he said.

Mexico's Calederon faces pressure to roll back NAFTA
Felipe Calderon's contested, razor-thin victory in Mexico's presidential election last month is likely to force his attention toward the underdeveloped south, where poor farmers want to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement.

No to Nato or UN Forces in Lebanon! Cease-fire Now!
The U.S./UK proposal to send international forces to southern Lebanon, on their conditions, will only escalate this war. Deploying more firepower that is clearly 100% on the side of Israel will not stop this violence but will worsen the conflict. The immediate need is for Israel to stop its attacks.
George Bush said that the international deployment will provide a "different strategic direction for the whole of that region." We have heard this rhetoric before. In the context of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan which are based on the U.S. need to maintain dominance in the region, we must conclude that any U.S.-endorsed force will be part of this larger agenda to control the Middle East

Derailed at the border
And why wouldn’t bus or train company sell the three women tickets for the U.S.?“There are certain U.S. regulations that allow Dept. of Homeland Security to fine a common carrier who knowingly brings somebody to the U.S. without proper documents,” Sheaffer said.