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Some Bits to Ponder...

More Than Just a Name Change - Think Tank Says EPCOR's Proposed Take-over of Drainage a Bad Idea
EPCOR claims that its proposed take-over of Edmonton's drainage services and infrastructure would amount to little more than a name-change, but a new Parkland Institute report says otherwise. The report, entitled “EPCOR: A Study of Ownership, Accountability and the Public Interest,” says the implications for the City and Edmontonians would be significant.

Canada to Ban LNG Ships in Nation's Waters, Canadian Press Says
Three U.S. companies are planning to build terminals on the Maine coast, across from New Brunswick on Passamaquoddy Bay and want to use an internal Canadian waterway to bring in their tankers, CP said. Residents along the coast fear that increased shipping activity will hurt tourism and the fishing industry.

EU may be powerless to stop US snooping
The Swift case shows that any international firm should fear having its data snatched by the US authorities unless Europe can guarantee the oversight of its privacy laws, he said. Transportation firms, internet service providers, email providers - anybody that holds European data in a US jurisdiction - is on the minds of European regulators. They are also concerned about data held by US firms, like Google and Hotmail, about European people.

Canada & Chertoff's secret electronic control net
"A vast electronic control net covering the US is nearly completed. It's called the HSIN, and now includes 50 states, five territories, 53 major urban areas, local officials and officials from Britain, Canada and Australia."

Canada: Security certificates overturn long-standing democratic rights
Although security certificates have been denounced by numerous international and national human rights organizations, the Canadian government has announced its intention to expand their scope.

Canada, USA, Mexico To Form Competitiveness Council
Villalobos noted that a
North America Competitiveness Council will be formed, that will include 30 representatives: five from each government, and a like number of businesspersons from the three countries.