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It's What They Don't Say...

While the Harper Government obviously deserves criticism for the stand they are taking concerning the Middle East, they are the ones running this Country, the opposition should do well to remember their voice in this matters.

Calling for Canada to ask for a cease fire in Lebanon is the LEAST they can do.
In the Globe and Mail, Liberal leadership candidate Michael Ignatieff
argues in his piece that the weekend bombing by Israel on the Lebanese town of Qana, in which 57 people died, is a "victory for Hezbollah" because it helps to "radicalize the Arab world and cause Israel to lose its remaining international support."

He's worried about Israel losing it's remaining international support? Another Canadian politician more concerned with the plight of Israel, who has illegally occupied Palestine, who is the cause of so much destruction and death of innocent civilians. A place that completely disregards the UN.

Canadians should be looking for the things they don't say and keep this in mind for the next election. Is there ONE candidate that has the guts to speak the truth about the situation in Palestine and Lebanon?

It doesn't give me much hope when our Government, our politicians are people who choose to ignore the truth. How much faith can we place in them if they are swayed by others and are too weak to speak out? What else will they choose to ignore? If they have no backbone to stand for something this important, where are they going to lead our Country?

I have never had so little hope for the future of Canada. I hope that the innocent civilians of Lebanon and Palestine can forgive us for voting in such incompetent and weak leaders and for not doing more to demand that they do the right thing. A_R