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A few links worth visting...

Fox Military Analyst on Syria: ‘We Can Talk To Them When We Line Them Up and Kill Them’ (video)

Nuclear Energy's Climatic Achilles Heel
While many experts, including Britain's James Lovelock, have been promoting nuclear energy as a greenhouse-gas-free method of generating electricity, recent shutdowns of nuclear plants in Europe due to over-heated cooling water and low flowing rivers have exposed a very serious danger to a reliance on nuclear energy

Buy euro, not C$: CSA
Unlikely that Canadian economy will accelerate given view that U.S. economy will continue to slow

Bush, Harper and Blair - Stand Still While I Smuck You Upside The Head!
I have a question for U.S. President George W. Bush, his shi-tzu British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and his new best friend Canadian Prime Minister Stephen "The Shrub" Harper - WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE? Do you not see what is going on in the middle east at the moment? I swear, if I was related to any one of you I'd have smucked you upside the head a long time ago for your stance on the annihilation of the Lebanese people by the Israeli military . Then I would have disowned you. After that I would have campaigned vigorously against you in the next federal elections.