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A few good sites:

The point of this site was to post headlines and articles that might not be as heavily posted as others and might fly under the radar. So, I tried not to put up things I read on other blogs. Over at another site Furgaia from The Cylinder and Filasteen had mentioned something along the lines of repetition working, so today, with that insight, I'm going to post some things from other sites that I think are too good not to share.

The Cylinder:
Jewish Voice For Peace- Downloadable Posters

Yaya Canada:
I read her site everyday. She is tireless in her support of Human Rights. Now she has taken the time to
paraphrase the Special meeting of Canada's Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs - a motion to call for immediate ceasefire in the Middle East. Once again the BQ stands out among the rest of them. I wish our leaders would take notes from this party. I read the Hansards quite a bit and am usually impressed by the BQ comments.

The best thing to do is just go to the site. It's hard to pick any one thing from there. He has links to so many things that are relevant. Today I'd say read "It's About the Annexation, Stupid!"
and "A list of UN Resolutions Against Israel" which also includes the use of US vetos.

The Truth Will Set You Free:
FOX News airs Most Important Interview on Earth
FOX's Neil Cavuto conducts what is perhaps the most important interview on earth today because it unequivocally trashes in no uncertain terms the diabolical HOAX that has tricked people of good will around the world into supporting the un-Godly abomination that calls itself a “Jewish state.”

The World Can't Wait Drive Out The Bush Regime
Not only did they take out this ad in the New York Times, check this out:
October 5: There is a Way! There is a Day!
"Imagine if, from out of this huge reservoir of people, a great wave were unleashed, moving together on the same occasion, making, through their firm stand and their massive numbers, a powerful political statement that could not be ignored: refusing that day to work, or walking out from work, taking off from school or walking out of school -- joining together, rallying and marching, drawing forward many more with them, and in many and varied forms of creative and meaningful political protest throughout the day, letting it be known that they are determined to bring this whole disastrous course to a halt by driving out the Bush Regime through the mobilization of massive political opposition."

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

You can see a list of Canadian casualities here.

DIY against the state
From July 26th to July 30th, an intergalactic festival of squatters, anarchists & miscellaneous activists took place in Freiburg im Beisgau, South Germany

I too read The Cylinder and Filisteen everyday. Great blogs, lot's of info. I'm in a rush, so I'll comment tomorrow on what you've put up.

I sent you some blogs, (2 posts down I think). They're subjective, but bird's eye view speaks volumes.

Have a great weekend!

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