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Don't look now Mr. Harper...you just might find the truth!

The Fundamentalist Quartet: History and Future of the American Support for Israel
This phase is not over yet. It can be over when elections in the US will bring down at least one member of the Fundamentalist Quartet – the Christian Zionists. With it the power of the other three may weaken. But then it may not be enough. It is possible that Europe – as a political community – would wake up and realize it was misled by a Quartet that undermined its ability to secure social stability and political security. Or we here in the Middle East, alas, will need to go through more catastrophic phases before the people of our region would rise and say: we do not want a new Middle East, but a peaceful and prosperous one. And this utopian vision will not materialize if American policy will continue to be orientated by this Quartet and until Israel would stop being the forefront of these aggressive American ambitions. A better Middle East will emerge when the state of Israel, with the backing of the international community, would allow the people it colonized, expelled and occupied to share with it normal live in the land of Palestine and in the Middle East as a whole.

Israel's Racist 'Jihad' Against the Arab&Muslim People
In her brief stay in Beirut, before being whisked away to the international conference in Rome, US Secretary of State Rice stayed long enough to deliver Israel’s conditions for a ceasefire. It was hard to tell if she was speaking on behalf of the United States or as an emissary of Israel. Or, is there a difference? In Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, and Afghanistan and with plans to take on Syria and Iran, it appears that Israel and the USA are pursuing a scorched earth policy towards Arabs and Islam just as Hitler once pursued the Jews.

Israel is Winning
With public support under the leadership of the USA and England, Israel hung on in Palestine; it expanded its land. Due to the tension caused by its existence in the region, it set up a military-theocratic, but democratic strange kind of governance. It resisted UN decisions, international law and human rights standards. It wasn’t punished; it didn’t even receive a serious reprimand. With the actual invasion of Iraq by the USA, it was set free from its loneliness in the region.
In the past sixty years Israel created its own enemies and it made them obvious enough to gain legitimacy for their existence. It was so successful in this operation that it managed to push the Hezbollah forces, who numbered a few thousand, into the USA and England’s concept of common enemy. Israel is no longer fighting with its neighbors, but with supposed “radical Islamic terrorists” who are threatening the whole world.

193 Palestinians killed, 790 wounded, including 83 children since July 26
Palestinian Ministry of Health revealed Israeli occupation forces killed 193 citizens and wounded 790 others, including 83 children since June 26.In a report, it stated that 28 killed with live bullets, 75 of the Israeli missiles shrapnel and 70 were torn into pieces.At least three citizens, including a child were killed today morning when Israeli an warplane raided on the Gaza Strip town of Beit Hanoun, medical sources said.

Israel and total war
Barely any news coverage has been given to Israel's purposive, unnecessary and unjustifiable destruction of Gaza's electricity system. Without power, incubators don't work, the newborns in them dying. Dialysis machines, cardiac monitors, the entire infrastructure of emergency medical aid: all is knocked out when the power goes out. Defibrillators, blood banks, saline banks; in a war zone life saving pharmaceuticals ruin as refrigerators shut down. Effective sterilisation of instruments becomes impossible, along with x-rays, scans, operations and even morgue storage. What do bereaved and frightened children in hospital feel, at night, or those at home, as war planes roar over and darkness envelops all? In hospitals and homes, without electricity, water cannot be purified, pumped, nor sewage disposed of. In temperatures soaring to 100 degrees Fahrenheit, contaminated water and untreated sewage can spawn cholera and typhoid with devastating effect.
Gaza, like Iraq and now Lebanon, is an extermination camp, at every level. The abduction of members of the Palestinian government is near proof of Israel's intent of genocide. How are Palestinian civilians supposed to cope without a government? The abductions place the entire civilian population at risk. Of course, this tactic is not new. The US has done the same from Nicaragua to Panama, from Kabul to Baghdad, to deafening silence from successive, impotent, flaccid UN officials.

Church body condemns Israel
"We came back from Lebanon sharing the impression that this destruction was planned. And if the action by Hezbollah was the trigger, this was a planned operation all ready to go," Jean-Arnold de Clermont, president of the Conference of European Churches, said in Geneva on the delegation's return from a visit to Beirut and Jerusalem.

Articles on Boycotts of Israel

Gaza deaths highest since 04
The United Nations says the densely populated territory is now facing some of the worst humanitarian conditions in years.
The ability to coordinate relief has been complicated by an attack by Palestinian demonstrators on the main UN compound on July 30, when UN cars were smashed and offices ransacked.

Blair's Middle East policy has driven me to return my MBE
I accepted my honour on behalf of Palestinian and Lebanese colleagues. I have now sent it back, also in their name

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