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Disappearing the Dead

Disappearing the Dead
Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Idea of a "New Warfare"
Project on Defense Alternatives Research

Here is a small quip from the article just to give you an idea:

"Spin is a form of misdirection based on emphasizing a minor aspect of an event or promoting a tendentious or idiosyncratic interpretation of it -- one that favors one's own interest. However, for spin to work, there must be a media willing to "take the pitch" (so to speak), rather than letting it all fall flat. With regard to the marketplace bombings: the news media's willingness to adopt the uncertainty frame and give the coalition "the benefit of the doubt" divided along predictable lines. While the marketplace bombings reverberated loudly in the Muslim and Arab worlds, the story had "no legs" in the United States and only short ones in Britain.

This is a *must read* A_R

Good heavens!

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