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Cleaning out my files...

I've had this old computer for so long, it's like an old friend. We have 2 other computers, newer and with all the bells and whistles, still I held on to using my trusty pal.

I'm not computer savy, and when I have an operating system or program that I am comfortable with, I don't see the need to hook the other one up. So, it sits there unused, with it's fancy programs and up to date operating system. My husband has been at me to switch over for months.

My excuse is always, "But all my files are on this one and it would be a pain to copy everything" We have an external hard drive that I could just put it on. That too becomes "another thing to do," un-hook it from the computer that my husband uses, walk it over to mine, blah blah, blah.

So, I've finally given in. Instead of switching my saved articles over to the other hard drive, I'm going to delete the really old stuff, and post things that I think people might still be interested in reading here.

I'll try to mix it up a bit with new stuff. So, I apologize now if you come here and see things from 6 months ago or even a few years ago. But as you can tell from my previous paragraphs, I have a hard time letting go of something I think is still useful or relevant. I'm still keeping this computer because, yes, I'm a pack rat. :)

Hi, my name is knb, and I'm a pack-rat.

I totally relate. I keep trying to tell myself that memories live in our minds, not the stuff we tote around. My logical mind get's it...but I'm an artist...the rest of me doesn't. The result? We just moved to a smaller house and we have more boxes than I know what to do with.

I too have an old computer, that has most of my art on it. It died, I still want an expert to get that off the hard drive, before I'll let it go.

Solidarity to pack rats!

I'm still laughing...
It's good to know I'm not alone!

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