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The clean out begins....

An American Inquisition?
Rogers is famous not just for his iconic buildings but also for his progressive politics and his extraordinary network of friends, associates and admirers. So when he agreed in February to host the London inaugural meeting of Architects and Planners for Justice in Palestine, the event went unnoticed here.
That is, it went unnoticed until early March, when Rogers found that even a casual association with the Palestinian cause placed all his New York work in jeopardy. Rogers, who'd been awarded the $1.7 billion expansion of the Jacob Javits Convention Center and a commission to redevelop the Lower East Side riverfront, was summoned to New York to explain himself to Empire State Development Corporation chair Charles Gargano. Sheldon Silver, speaker of the New York Assembly, demanded that Rogers be fired from publicly funded projects; he also threatened that Silvercup Studios, a film studio and office complex in Queens, would be unlikely to get tax credits with Rogers as architect. Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chair of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, labeled Rogers's involvement "an affront...to the legacy of Senator Javits," noting that the late Republican had been a staunch defender of Israel.

The Canada-US Partnership-Workshop Report
Warning: PDF File
Enhancing Our Common Security

The Major Issues Facing Canada-US Relations: Thought Leaders Assess The Future
Integrating the Big Picture and Business Realities

The Future of Security and Defence Cooperation in North America

On September 11 we learned that chaos in poor, weak countries halfway around the globe can make a very big difference to us. … That means there is going to be a new context for Canadian-American cooperation and our famous long undefended border. We have to realize that you can no longer do things at borders alone. Borders are now zones, and as this Committee knows from its work on smart borders, the new way of thinking about this is that we have to operate inside your borders, you have to operate inside our borders. Some people will say, isn’t that a derogation of Canadian sovereignty? Not in the least, any more than it is a derogation of American sovereignty. It means we have to get away from our traditional concepts of what borders mean and learn to act cooperatively if we’re going to cope with the threats that come from … this new dimension of transnational relations.
Joseph Nye, Harvard University,Evidence, Meeting No. 74, May 2, 2002