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Canadian Action Party...

I'm giving this plug to the Canadian Action Party for one reason. It looks like it is the only party that is open enough to tell the truth about NAFTA and the sell-out of Canada and it's resources.

Why don't other political parties care about Canada getting the shaft? Why don't they speak out? It's a question everyone should be asking their candidates this time around.

It can't hurt to read what they have to say. Everyone should have an open mind when it comes to the future of our Country.

Canadian Action Party

I know you read the Cylinder, but are you familiar with this link?

No I wasn't and thank you very much for that link!!!

Well.. it looks as if the Green Party's new leader Elizabeth May is also calling for renegotiation of (and if necessary, termination of) NAFTA, so there's another choice for you.

I won't vote for the Green Party due to the actions of a member against freedom of speech.

Off topic Scott but it looks like you are part of Progressive Blogger any idea what I am doing wrong, I can't get on the rss feed. I have no clue what I'm doing!

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