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War in the World...

Justified and Measured: Can Stephen Harper Speak for our Dead?
With the bodies of dead citizens on the doorstep can Harper continue to call Israel's attacks in Lebanon self-defense? If he does, Canadians will know that his heart lies with Israel and it propagandists, and not with the peace loving citizens of Canada.

Israel's "new Middle East"
Tanya Reinhart demonstrates that Israel's real aim in Lebanon is to establish the Litani River as its natural border. To realize this, it will first destroy Lebanon, then install a puppet regime and, finally, annex southern Lebanon.

Israeli strikes kill 23 in Gaza Strip
In northern Gaza, a woman and her two daughters — an 8-month-old baby and a 5-year-old — were killed when an artillery shell landed on their house, hospital officials said. Another man was shot and killed near a no-go zone near the Israeli- Gaza border, hospital officials said, adding they believe he may have been mentally handicapped.
On Thursday, a 75-year-old Palestinian woman was killed by shrapnel from an Israeli tank shell fired toward her house near the town of Jebaliya, Palestinian security officials said. The army said it was checking the report.

Why we Should Question the Sand Tunnel in Gaza
Gaza is built on old semi-consolidated sand dunes. It is extremely unlikely that anyone could tunnel 500, or more, yards in the sandy ground of Gaza (300 yards into Israel plus 200 yards of no-mans land plus more to the tunnel entrance), without the tunnel collapsing at some point.

Israel's secret war: the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Palestine
12-year-old boy dead on a stretcher. A mother in shock and disbelief after her son was shot dead for standing on their roof. A phone rings and a voice in broken Arabic orders residents to abandon their home on pain of death.
Those are snapshots of a day in Gaza where Israel is waging a hidden war, as the world looks the other way, focusing on Lebanon.

Mr. Bush, What about Israel's defiance of UN Resolutions?
Dear Mr. President:
As we watched your speech to the United Nations General Assembly on September 12, 2002, we were struck by the ironic proximity of the Israeli and Iraqi delegations. Ironic, because many of the accusations you leveled against Iraq could, with ample justification, be directed toward Israel.

Fantastic post.

I'm dismayed that no one in the Harper cabinet, namely MacKay, has had anything to say, even after the security counsil met. How can any country not call for a cease fire now?

Tanya Reinhart's piece, was fascinating.

Further, the article depicting the parallels between gaza and Lebanon was really interesting too.

My heart's just breaking over this conflict...I want to see Canada express that and offer some diplomacy.

I know the situation is nuanced and exceptionally complex...but violence will not solve anything.

Yeah, I was shocked not to hear anything either.

I guess all we can do is keep communicating our opposition on his uneducated decision, at least people will realize he doesn't speak for all of us. Popular opinion is not on the Harper Government side, and it should be well-voiced.

Up until today, there were only three countries (US, UK, Canada) supporting Israelis in killing of innocent women, children and civilians of Lebanon. After today's news of even UK backing off this apparent human tragedy and war crime, Canada is now the only country left. Yes ladies and gentleman, at this moment we live in the only country in the whole globe that its head of state hasn't yet condemns Israel or at least asked for Israeli restrain (somthing that even Bush has done). "A wise person does at once, what a fool does at last. Both do the same thing; only at different times." - Peace.

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