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Some old news and some new...

Go to Venezuela, You Idiot!
don't usually take the advice of rightwingers. But I did this time. After receiving inflamed email messages from dozens of angry rightists that I should get the hell out of the USA and go to Venezuela, I accepted their challenge and flew to Caracas.
"Would you like me to start a fund to ship your ass down there, Comrade Cohen?"

U.N. body to review alleged Israel abuses

Canadian diplomat visits Mannar
The Counsellor for Political Affairs in Canadian Embassy in Colombo, Christina Prefontaine, Thursday morning paid an official visit to Mannar and held talks with V.Visuvalingam, the Government Agent at the district secretariat. Mrs. Christina Prefontaine, obtained first hand information in regard to the ground situation prevailing in the district, district secretariat officials said.

Albertans skip census
Nearly one-fifth of the province’s population has yet to include themselves in the national head count

Imaging technology catches two at border
Federal officers say two stowaways were caught trying to enter the United States near Buffalo yesterday.A spokesman for the U-S Customs and Border Protection says gamma-ray imaging technology helped see the two men on separate freight trains at the Black Rock International Rail Bridge.
One man was 46-year-old Solomon Giday, an Israeli citizen.
The other was a 16-year-old Canadian citizen who said he was going to New York City to become an actor.
(I assumed with 2 people trying to sneak into the United States that this story would be big news. Oddly enough, I couldn't find this story anywhere else on the web. I wonder why? A_R)

Elections Are Still Stolen the Old-Fashioned Way
What's a bigger problem with American elections: disenfranchisment of minority voters or new electronic voting machines stealing votes?
Most people on the political left will answer electronic machines. But last week,
House Republicans showed America exactly why old-school election thuggery is a far more pressing problem. In fact, it was Jim Crow tactics, not computer hacking, which gave George W. Bush his Ohio victory in 2004. And such tactics are exactly what a handful of southern GOP congressmen defended on Wednesday when they derailed renewing the National Voting Rights Act, complaining it does not end federal oversight of elections in their states and requires multilingual ballots.
These Republicans want elections in their states to return to the good old days, when mostly white people voted -- just substitute registered Republicans in 2006 -- and ballots were only in English -- no Español, por favor. Their grassroots rebellion reveals a dirty secret about elections that liberals and Democrats still haven't learned from the 2004 presidential race: The GOP wins elections by targeting likely Democrats, especially minorities and new voters, by creating barriers in voter registration and obstacles to voting itself and ballot counting.
(Did anyone else get a form in the mail (in Canada) asking if we should change the way we vote? It looks like they are interested in voting machines. My first thought was, "Oh great, another rigged election coming up" but after reading this article, does it even matter? A_R)

Anne McLellan Joins Nexen's Board of Directors
Chairman of the Board of Nexen Inc., announced today that the Honourable A. Anne McLellan, P.C. has joined Nexen's Board of Directors.
(Petro.... Politicians..... PetroPoliticians.....they just seem to go hand in hand....A_R)

World health: A lethal dose of US politics
When World Health Organization (WHO) director general Lee Jong-wook died of a cerebral hemorrhage last month before the start of the United Nations agency's annual World Health Assembly, the world's most prominent public-health official was arguably of a conflicted mind. The WHO veteran was caught in the middle of an intensifying global debate over how to reconcile intellectual-property protection with the pressing public-health need to expand access to expensive life-saving medicines, a hot-button issue that has sharply divided WHO member states along developed- and developing-country lines. An Asia Times Online investigation reveals that at the time of his death, Lee, a South Korean national, had closely aligned himself with the US government and by association US corporate interests, often to the detriment of the WHO's most vital commitments and positions, including its current drive to promote the production and marketing of affordable generic antiretroviral drugs for millions of poor infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), which can cause AIDS.

Blair's bail pledge to Enron trio
Prime Minister Tony Blair has promised to try to help three UK bankers get bail while they await trial in the US. But he rejected criticism of the new extradition rules under which the men are due to be flown to the US to face charges relating to Enron's collapse.
The three men deny guilt. Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell told MPs the law was unfair as the US had not yet ratified the treaty. The prime minister denied the US was getting "preferential treatment".
Laws passed in 2003 mean the US no longer has to present a "prima facie" case when asking for somebody to be extradited.
(Since the recent news about
Ken Lay , I thought this was a fitting article. A_R)

Harper in the news:
Harper to Meet Blair and Chirac During European Trip This Month
Harper may be best birthday gift going for beleaguered Bush on his 60th
Harper organizer appointed to bench

Oil in the news:
Acid rain threatens Western Canada, government warned
Municipal interventions normal

The regulatory body that will hear the regional municipality’s opposition to future oilsands development in the Fort McMurray area is rejecting claims it does little more than rubber-stamp applications from oil companies.
The Oil Report
I’ve come to realize that the Peak Oil analysts must either be liars, fraudsters, idiots or just clueless. For over 150 years they’ve been forecasting a calamity in oil supply, and for 150 years they’ve been wrong. They’re still wrong. They’ll continue to be wrong. We’ve heard them repeat how many years or decades left of oil we have left, and we’ve surpassed those dates and found more to spare.
Former U.S. vice-president too 'far left' for Klein
Alberta Premier Ralph Klein has called Al Gore "about as far left as you can go" in response to criticism by the former U.S. vice-president of the province's oilsands projects.
BP economist: Canadian crude would remove "bottleneck"
Plan? What plan? Alberta's energy future
KNOC Likely to Ink Deal to Acquire Canadian Oil Sands
State-run Korea National Oil Corp. will likely sign a deal to acquire an oil sand deposit in Canada in July, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy said.
Oil Pipelines Could Face Capacity Constraints by 2008

Oh my good lord! Please...stick to your rants about Canada as you obviously have NO idea how elections in the U.S. work. The only reason you say that the 2004 Ohio election was stolen is because you never actually looked to see how it really works. PLEASE stick to what you know about and everyone will respect your opinion a lot more. Otherwise, you're just "blowin' in the wind".

Sorry about not posting this earlier Anonymous. I'm new to blogging and didn't realize I had to check my e-mail for comments.

I didn't write that article but the reason I posted it is because I don't want machine voting in Canada and thought this was a relevant article about my issues. But, point taken, I don't know if the election was rigged, but I do know that computers can be hacked, that's a good enough reason to avoid the use of them for elections.
Thanks for the taking the time to comment!

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