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North American Integration...

The Future of North American Integration
A background paper for the Trilateral Commission

North American Trade Corridor or Corridors?
There have been several
recent stories exposing a ‘NAFTA Super Highway’ or ‘Trade Corridor’ currently under construction in Texas despite many objections from well-informed Americans. Details about this project can be found at North America’s SuperCorridor Coalition, Inc. (NASCO). and it would appear there are far more corridor plans in store for the “North American Union” and its “Trade Corridors”–yes Corridors.

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Panel Urges Greater North American Integration
A leading foreign policy research group based in New York says Canada, Mexico and the United States must work together to make North America competitive with rising European Union and Asian nations.

Timid on North American integration
There was an interesting moment at the joint news conference by President Bush and his Mexican and Canadian counterparts following their summit Wednesday. When asked if their newly created "North American Partnership" would be a first step toward a European-like customs union, all three looked as if they were running for cover.