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Is Stephen Harper Uneducated or Just Lying?

When Stephen Harper states "our evaluation of the situation has been accurate," whose evaluation is he going by? I hope it is not our Canadian Intelligence that is providing him with this information. That would only go to show the rest of the world we do not actually look for facts but pay our government employees to play lap-dog to a few other countries.
Do you realize that he is speaking for YOU when he tells the world that
this is okay. The years of inhumane treatment of innocent people in Palestine is acceptable. Take a look at these children and tell me you feel comfortable with it. The media is either too afraid or is somehow not allowed to report the truth about the middle-east. If that weren't the case, why is that Canadians seem to be one of the few countries that have no idea of the real reason for what is going on? If you would like to educate yourself read this. Maybe Stephen is illiterate? I wish I knew the reason why he doesn't know that this is a land grab that the UN does not endorse. Most of the world seems to know the truth but us here in the west. Surely, a person who is supposed to be smart enough to LEAD an entire country, should know the facts. Why would a person in his position want to play puppet when he can be a true leader, one with a soul at least. Christian values? Hardly. Lying, ignoring human suffering, allowing our Canadian soldiers to die for no valid reason. He has only proven he is not fit to run a country.
Which leads me to our other potential Liberal leader the part-time Canadian IGGY.
"Ignatieff, considered by many to be the front-runner in the leadership race, refused to get involved Monday. A spokeswoman said he was spending time with his family and would have no comment. It shows real leadership material when you don't have the guts to make a statement. Is he is too afraid to say where he stands because it might cost him votes? When we vote, don't we do so because we believe in the person who is running? Because he stands for similar values that we do? Do we really need another politician who is spineless and doesn't have a mind of his own? Who won't stand for anything because it's safer, it will get you into office and then you can do whatever you want, regardless of the people who pay your salary and put you there in the first place. Innocent people in Palestine are dying, starving and being treated like animals. Stephen Harper thinks it is okay. He also thinks taking land that doesn't belong to you is okay. Which may not be a bad thing...I've always liked property next door and the house is just beautiful! If they put up a fuss, I'll just call the authorities, have them labelled as terrorists and get them taken away to some prison in Kingston. Nah, I don't believe in being like that, our leader does. Can you imagine endorsing this type of behavior? Is it fine for someone our children are meant look up to for good Candian values to be taught that only certain people matter in this world. That some children just aren't worth the effort. That picking up a child's body parts blown to bits by a rocket is what you and I stand for. Tuck your child into bed tonight and be thankful you weren't born in Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq or Lebanon where innocent people are murdered because of the actions of groups they don't belong to. You can't help where you are born, you shouldn't have to die because of it.
If you would like present him with actual facts or let him know he does not speak for you, contact him
here. A_R

Up until today, there were only three countries (US, UK, Canada) supporting Israelis in killing of innocent women, children and civilians of Lebanon. After today's news of even UK backing off this apparent human tragedy and war crime, Canada is now the only country left. Yes ladies and gentleman, at this moment we live in the only country in the whole globe that its head of state hasn't yet condemns Israel or at least asked for Israeli restrain (somthing that even Bush has done). I really can't handle this subject anymore, just thinking about it, is seriously disrupting my personal life, so I'm going to leave it at this... "A wise person does at once, what a fool does at last. Both do the same thing; only at different times." - Peace.

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