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In the News...

Cornyn wants U.S. taxpayers to fund Mexican development
WASHINGTON – Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, has quietly introduced a bill to create a "North American Investment Fund" that would tap U.S. and Canadian taxpayers for the development of public works projects in Mexico.

Crackdown turns up heat on egg farmer
Beleaguered area egg producer Shawn Carmichael has been hit with further legal action by enforcement agencies intent on shutting down his business.

Canadian Ambassador commends Canadian-Arab partnerships
Canadian Ambassador to Egypt, Mr. Philip Mackinnon and Senior Trade Commissioner Mr. Richard Dubuc visited Orion Intercap's office in part of their effort to identify and encourage Arab-Canadian business ventures.

US outflanked in Eurasia energy politics
The United States' global energy-control strategy, it's now clear to most, was the actual reason for the highly costly regime change in Iraq, euphemistically dubbed "democracy" by Washington. But while it is preoccupied with implanting democracy in the Middle East, the United States is quietly being outflanked in the rush to secure and control major energy sources of the Persian Gulf, the Central Asian Caspian Basin, Africa and beyond.