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I'm working on a new blog...

so my headlines will a little slow for a while. The new blog will be a place to go to do on-line research of every type. Researching social programs, the environment, corporate companies and will always be a work in progress. I'll post the link but there isn't much there yet.
My Research Links

I'm also working on a piece about Michael Ignatieff. I think I'll start covering different politicians, so we can get a glimpse into their work and make informed opinions about them. I never followed the political "beat" so it'll be just as much for me as it will for you. With every thing going on in the world today, it's important to take some initiative where we live, times are changing and we should have the right to take part in the process. It's our Country. We can make a difference in shaping the policies and the decisions our government makes.

Oh yeah, if you have any good links to research sites or something you would like to see covered, drop me a line...

I'll give it some thought and get back to you ... say in a couple of weeks.

I like blogs and many of the bloggers are simply great, but I feel that too often, there is a tendency to talk past each other. There is no sustained effort. I may be wrong though!

I like your initiative. :-)

Thanks furgaia! I started this because I'm not very good at writing and thought this will give me somewhere to grow. Maybe even make a difference? Not that my readership is very large :)

Hi! I went quickly through the links in your new blog. That's very interesting!

I have a suggestion: why don't you do each section as a static page that you keep updated, with a link on your main page - you know like the ones that Vive did for the Census or the ones that are currently active for the "No integration" campaign.

As well, once it is well established and you are satisfied with it, perhaps whenever you post comments on other blogs, you could add a signature that contains a link to that site. It would be a way of advertising your new blog. But then, perhaps you knew that already :-)

My particular interest is in political strategy and I am always amazed at how simple (and simplistic) the neocon strategy is ... and yet it works! If you decide to add a section on that, I could send some material & links.

As for readership, I don't think that that is a problem. I believe in the butterfly effect. You never know where what you post may lead. I recently posted a small comment in a post on someone else's blog. Someone responded to my comment and provided a link, which I explored and that led me to writing a post on that topic ... which will be read by others because one of my other posts has been linked to by a better blogger than I, whose site is accessed by many more important bloggers! See?

ar, forget what I said about the static pages. I just found out that you have thought about that.

I have added a link to your new blog on my "Canadian" website.

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