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Agreement on Palestine-Israeli-Japanese talks reached
Japanese PrimeMinister Junichiro Koizumi said that Palestinian-Israeli-Japanese talkson a peaceful settlement are being prepared. We have agreed to hold trilateral talks, the prime minister said,adding that it was decided to hold talks at a high level of thegovernment in order to discuss the problem. Koizumi revealed that he visited the Middle East on the eve of theGroup of Eight summit and met with the leaders of Palestine, Israel andJordan. An agreement to hold talks at a high level of government inorder to discuss a peaceful settlement was reached, the prime ministersaid. Detailed consultations with the participation of high-rankingofficials from the three countries will begin soon, Koizumi said at a news conference in Strelna.

Army jawan injured in Lebanon
Most recently, the mandate of UNIFIL was extended until July 31 this year by a UN Security Council resolution of January 31.
The Indian Army has gradually seen the widening of its area of responsibilities. January this year saw the posting of an Indian army contingent at Golan Heights for the first time. A group of 185 officers and troops from India are stationed along with contingents from Canada, Japan, Slovakia, Austria and Poland as part of the UN Disengagement Observers Force (UNDOF).

NAFTA highway faces uncertain future
A proposed business-backed superhighway link between Arizona, Mexico and Canada is running into skepticism about whether it actually will be built and worries that it will result in more U.S. and Mexican job losses to China.
The planned Canamex corridor is a one of a series of so-called North American Free Trade Agreement superhighways ballyhooed as improving trade and transportation links between Mexico, Canada and the U.S. The corridor involves improving and linking highways from Mexico City and the Mexican state of Sonora through Nogales, Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City and north into Alberta, Canada.
Phoenix Congressman Ed Pastor, a key border state lawmaker, questions whether the superhighway will ever happen, and free-trade skeptics worry such a corridor will make it easier for Chinese goods to get into North America -- which they say could result in more U.S. and Mexican job losses to Asia.

The European Commission announced Monday a 20 million euro aid package to bring food assistance to the most vulnerable Palestinians.
"The deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Palestinian territories is a matter of great concern. This package, together with the aid that we are channelling via the International Temporary Mechanism, is designed to meet some of the basic needs of ordinary Palestinians caught up in the current crisis,"

Mid-East “Oil Shock” Rattles Global Stock Markets, Energizes Gold
(This article is so obviously biased, but I posted it because it is an interesting outlook on the global market A_R)

Countries have to work together to fight cross-border crime, Attorney General
Terrorists and drug smugglers know no borders and so neither should North American law enforcement agencies, Attorney General Vic Toews told a conference of 2,000 law enforcement delegates gathered in Toronto on Monday.
Delegates from nine countries are attending the annual training conference held by the Federal Bureau of Investigation's national academy - the first time the event has been held outside the United States.
Toews told delegates Canada and the United States are "shining examples" of co-operation but all countries need to work together to fight international crime.

Iraq’s Trade and Investment Opportunities
Assistant Secretary Lash serves as Chairman of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Iraq and Afghanistan Investment and Reconstruction Task Force. In this capacity, he can provide a unique prospective on the reconstruction, economic progress and opportunities in Iraq. Specifically, he will address the laws passed by the Iraqis prior to the June 30 transfer of authority and the prospects for greater reform under the Iraqi Interim Government as well as opportunities to partner with the Iraqi people to assist in the continued development of a prosperous and free Iraq.
(This was in 2004. Can you believe it? Just ignore the bullets and dead bodies, come and do business!! Sick! A_R)