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Headlines: July 21, 2006

Why Oil May Plunge Before Election
International energy tracker Robert Berke is really going against the grain. He's convinced that America and Iran will resolve their differences before the November elections, leading to a precipitous drop in the price of oil. It's a scenario he's conveying to institutional investors both in America and abroad.

Canadian troops escape U.S. bomb attack
Canadian troops narrowly missed death and serious injury when an American jet dropped a 225-kilogram laser-guided bomb on their position earlier this month in an incident frighteningly similar to the friendly fire attack that killed four Canadian soldiers in 2002.
Soft ground prevented a bloodbath, soldiers said of the incident.

Mayors look for alternative to passports at Canada, U.S. border crossing

U.S. pushes Canada on border vigilance

U.S. no-fly list mistakenly snagging dozens of Canadian travellers
(I am so tired of hearing about this. It's shoved in our faces from the media constantly. They want us all to whine and complain to our politicians, don't fall for it. Passport, ID card...who cares? Either way you still need ID. They want us to think it is such a bother that we will beg for integration just to avoid such hassles at the border. They say passports are costly and having to get them is bothersome. Can you imagine the taxpayer's cost of having an ID card or new license? Can you imagine the companies drooling over contracts for such a venture, not to mention the database they can collect, and we get to foot the bill!! A_R)

Domestic Detainee From 9/11 Released
Benamar Benatta, believed to be the last remaining domestic detainee from the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, was released yesterday after negotiations involving Canada, the United States and his attorneys ended his captivity at nearly five years.
Benatta crossed the border from the United States to Canada, where he will be allowed to resume the bid for political asylum that resulted in his detention shortly before the terrorist attacks.
Benamar Benatta was held nearly five years despite the FBI saying in 2001 that he had no terrorism ties. 2001, attacks, was released yesterday after negotiations involving Canada, the United States and his attorneys ended his captivity at nearly five years.The Algerian air force lieutenant spent more than 58 months behind bars even though the FBI formally concluded in November 2001 that he had no connection to terrorism

U.S. automakers expand in Mexico, but do it very quietly
And it is still cheap to operate here compared with the United States, where unionized workers earn at least $27 a hour and benefits can double or even triple the total cost. By comparison, Mexico's typical auto industry wages of $3.50 an hour for experienced workers look like a bargain.
(Yeah, sweat-shop style bargain... A_R)

Ontario Nuclear Strategy Inadequate, Bruce Says
``It's no surprise that someone in the business of nuclear power would advocate for more nuclear power,'' Erwin said.

Lehman Brothers Recommends Selling Canada, New Zealand Dollars
Investors should sell the Canadian and New Zealand dollars because the nations' central banks have probably reached the end of their cycles of interest-rate increases, according to Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

'Cousin Gord' Warmly Greeted By AFN Chiefs
The AFN was to choose Wednesday between continuing Fontaine’s presidency or electing his challenger, B.C. chief Bill Wilson. The AFN represents aboriginal people on reserves, and the federal Conservatives have increased their emphasis on aboriginals living off reserve, who are now the majority in Canada.
(Attention: Land Grab Alert! A_R)

Author urges law enforcement to be ready for potential attack
A terrorist attack on American soil is imminent, an author and expert on international terrorism said in a conference Thursday in Terre Haute.

U.S. lumber coalition members divided on plans to split Canadian duty money
While Canadian lumber producers threaten to scuttle the Canada-U.S. Softwood Lumber Agreement, their American rivals are arguing over how to divvy up $500 million US they're entitled to if the deal goes ahead.
Under a proposed distribution arrangement, only companies that paid into a legal fund set up by the U.S. Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports to fight Canadian lumber exporters would be entitled to a share of the money gathered from the import duties.
The idea angers some producers who belong to the influential lobby group - often through regional industry associations - but have not contributed regularly to the legal war chest. Some opted instead to help by supporting their associations' marketing arms.

Cash-card firm Dexit faces cash crunch
Dexit Inc., which once billed itself as a route to a cashless society, said on Thursday it was laying off almost half its staff and looking for new business partners as it tries to save money.
(Fight for your right to have cold hard cash people, do not put your money in the hands of a computer. A_R)