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The Government of Canada Climate Change site is currently unavailable.

The Government of Canada Climate Change site is currently unavailable.
(Wow! What a coincidence. So is the part of our Government that is supposed to be working on behalf of it's own citizens and not for other countries. Thanks to DESMOGBLOG.COM for that news. A_R)

Canadian Superior Believes Canada Southern Petroleum's Board of Directors & Advisers Incapable of Evaluating Offers for Canada Southern
(They meant it in a nice way though A_R)

Scientists say Erie mirage could be real
Scientists say it's a mirage, but others swear that when the weather is right, Clevelanders can see across Lake Erie and spot Canadian trees and buildings 50 miles away.

U.S. set to issue passports with RFID chips
The U.S. Department of State is on track to start issuing passports with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips next week, despite warnings from some security experts that such systems could be accessed or tracked by hackers.
(Hmmm.....maybe that's the point? A_R)

MDA to study an Italy-Canada Hyperspectral Mission

The joint Canadian-Italian initiative is a collaborative effort between the CSA and ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) to define a new Hyperspectral Space Mission capable of meeting scientific and operational objectives that stretch beyond what can be achieved using existing technologies.

and just what is Hyperspectral?

The eventual commercial potential of such a technology is obvious. But if you talk to enough colonels and experience what old Pentagon hands call "death by briefing," -- and I have -- you will hear mentions of hyperspectral quickly followed by the new mantra of contemporary war planners: tanks under trees. To put it briefly: as with oats, so with tanks. Warfighter I will be able to discern the unique light signatures of extremely specific things -- like tanks hiding under trees or tanks covered in camouflage or tanks painted with a paint meant to make them not look like tanks. (Click text to read the full article that was featured in the NYTimes. A_R)