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A few sites worth visiting...

The NAID Center
The North American Integration and Development (NAID) Center was created to conduct ongoing research concerning North American integration and to assist communities and governments with policies and investment projects for sustainable and equitable development across borders. Towards this goal, the NAID Center seeks to build linkages among a wide variety of institutions, organizations, and community groups in North America.

A recent Treasury Board survey of more than 100,000 public servants indicated recruitment could pose a significant challenge to the bureaucracy in coming years. Below are three reports related to past Forum work in public sector recruitment. (We've also included PPF reports from other areas of current interest: Canada-U.S. relations, the CBC, and securities regulation.

Canada and North American Integration
(one of many articles I will be posting on the integration of North America A_R)

North American Economic Integration and it's Application to Canadian Banks

Council on Foreign Relations Debate...Nafta-Ten Years On

More balanced debate needed on North American integration

(If any of the above concerns you or you would like to chat with other people about this, I suggest you head over to VIVELECANADA , a web site developed to stop further integration of North America. A_R)