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At least the oil companies are having a good day...

McDonough Calls Canada's Gov't on War Crime Complicity
I write to express outrage at your government’s response to the destruction levelled by Israel on the innocent civilians in Gaza and Lebanon.The world has rightly condemned the killings and kidnapping of Israeli soldiers, however Israel’s response has been illegal, brutal and disproportionate.It is more apparent than ever that your government’s desire to appease George Bush is so all-consuming, that you are prepared to turn a blind eye to the massive destruction in Gaza and in Lebanon, going so far as to deem these Israeli government assaults as ‘measured’.Even George Bush has been compelled to bow to international pressure and caution Israel to “limit as much as possible so-called collateral damage not only to facilities but also to human lives.”

If you would like to write your own letter here is the address:
Hon. Peter MacKay Minister of Foreign Affairs
Lester B. Pearson Bldg., A-10 125 Sussex Dr.
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0G2

Kuwait condemns attack; Israel has gone too far: France

PALESTINE: Israel escalates brutal war
“Is it not astonishing”, asked Ali Abunimah, founder of the well-respected Electronic Intifada website, “that the entire world knows the name and face of the Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, while the hundreds of Palestinian children held in Israel’s dungeons, not to mention 10,000 adult prisoners, thousands held without charge and trial, abducted from their homes in the middle of the night by Israeli occupation forces, remain nameless and faceless before a silent world?”

Chernobyl Legacy

(Sometimes you need to see something to realize there are people who pay a horrible price for nuclear energy A_R)

Here is the article that provided the link to the video above:

A Child With Legs Like Logs

Bush has been burning for more nuclear energy(1), claiming it is clean and safe.(2) Serious problems still exist for that industry. There has been little progress in developing safe ways to deal with nuclear waste. Most involve burying it some where in containment facilities that are supposed to last 10,000 years. Scarier theories involve simply pumping it into the porous crust of the ocean floor. Current temporary waste water sites have problems with radioactivity leaching into the ground water of the communities they are close to. There is no safe nuclear power until the problem of radioactive waste is solved. We don't need anymore generated to have enough material to experiment on. The waste we have now is plenty. Too much. To date, there is disturbing news about how the long term waste storage problem is being handled. This is evidenced by scientists falsifying data at the largest future nuclear waste site in the US. The Yucca Mountain site in Nevada, is being tested, and the data altered, to fall within quality control guidelines!(3) Todays arrogant atmosphere from business and governmental agencies, are taking huge risks with the public health , as regulations are gutted or outright ignored.

(Ontario is pushing for nuclear energy right now. I found a story that there is a fault line running below one of our facilities. I'll try to dig it up. How safe would you feel then? A_R)