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As We Sit And Sip Our Coffee...

Eight Canadians killed in Israeli airstrike in south Lebanon, six injured
Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay says eight Canadians have been killed in an Israeli air raid that hit a Lebanese town on the border with Israel. MacKay says six other Canadians are in critical condition.

Canadian, U.S. soldiers die as Taliban attack base
The Taliban attacked a military base in Afghanistan on Wednesday, killing a U.S. and a Canadian soldier and losing 32 of their own men, and declared a spring offensive had begun.

Senate votes to patrol Canadian border with remote-controlled aircraft
Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, rancher Gloria Fey has gotten used to the idea that U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents could be watching her every move.

As an engineer I’ve given the notion of digging a tunnel which the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs tells us was some 650 metres long,[1] dug under sand across the Gaza border into Israel some thought. I’m beginning to wonder whether this is actually feasible especially considering that it would have to be built covertly and across the terrain that Israel claims. A 650 metre long covert tunnel being constructed under sand is a considerable undertaking the logistics of which would be enormous. The tunnel, even a crawl tunnel measuring 900mm x 900mm in cross section, would require 100% full shoring if actually constructed in sand and at least 60% if constructed in clay/soil. That means all that shoring material, literally tonnes of it, would have to be loaded down the shaft of the tunnel head and then transported along the tunnel to the tunnel face where one man at the face would have to position it and then excavate out the next section of tunnel with all the problems that that involves in shifting the excavated material back down the tunnel to the head shaft where it would have to be disposed of. Rock would be out of the question because of the noise of hammering through it and the extra logistics of getting hammer equipment to the face.

Harper's Militaristic Agenda

Militaristic zeal appears to be sweeping the Stephen Harper Minority government. This militarism is just part of an apparent adopted agenda of 'Americanization' by this government. By the way, thanks so much Mr. Harper, for introducing Canadians to American-style reviews of Supreme Court Judge nominees. You and your associates in CanWest Global, and elsewhere in Canada's 'corporatized' mass-media, appear to be trying to "prepare" us for their apparently desired U.S. take-over of Canada. While Harper stipulates that this initiative was about "accountability", he reportedly shirks the kind of ethics review on which he had campaigned.

It's Time to Become Citizens of this Beautiful Country
Ed Finn's recent article in the CCPA Monitor, "If unbridled capitalism is the problem, what's the solution?" calls for Tony Clarke and Maude Barlow to build greater solidarity and a pooling of resources within the activist community. Jim Stanford, takes it one step further, in his article, "Progressives must unite on both politics and principles" suggesting that there needs to be a cohesive fight for seats and issues between the progressive movement and the NDP. Both of them are right to point out the need for solidarity at this point in our country's history. Canada's survival as an independent, sovereign nation, has never been more precarious but it will probably take more than a cohesive bonding between these two groups to get us out of this "Globalization" nightmare.

Bono backs anti-Venezuelan video game

On July 5, the US-based Venezuela Solidarity Network launched a campaign against the Mercenaries 2: World in Flames video game, which simulates an invasion of Venezuela to regain control of Venezuela’s oil supply from a “power hungry tyrant”. The game was created by Pandemic, a subcontractor for the US Army, and funded by Elevation Partners, an investment firm of U2’s Bono. Bono has not responded to the VSN’s queries about his funding of the project, which the group slams as anti-Venezuelan propaganda.

US plots Cuba invasion
A US$80 million fund has been approved by US President George Bush to help the United States achieve “regime change” in Cuba.
The second report from the Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba, released on July 5, outlines Washington’s plans to step up attacks on the island state’s sovereignty. It openly commits the US to assisting the creation of a transitional government that supports “genuine” democracy, “human rights” and an open-market system.
The report claims that the first 180 days after Cuban President Fidel Castro dies will be vital, and could mean the “difference between a successful transition period and the stumbles and missteps that have slowed other states in their transitions toward democracy”.
The $80 million is to be used as a part of a two-year program to break what the US describes as the “information blockade”, as well as preparations for the post-Castro transfer of power.
The report also raises Washington’s concerns over Cuba’s close relationship with the Venezuelan government, let by socialist President Hugo Chavez. “Together, these countries are advancing an alternative retrograde and anti-American agenda for the hemisphere’s future”, the report claims.