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Articles of Interest...(or not)

Proposal for changing Lake Ontario levels a concern for lakeshore residents
Proposed changes to Lake Ontario would allow the water to fluctuate much more than it is allowed currently and that's cause for concern for some lakeshore residents. The International Joint Commission was established by treaty between Canada and the United States and governs the Great Lakes. The level of Lake Ontario is regulated at the Moses Saunders Power Dam in Massena.

Is a North American Community Feasible? Can Sovereignty be Transcended?

American-Canadian Relations: The Carrot And The Stick
Uh, oh. We're in trouble again. Yep, just when you've been told how everything is so nice-nice between Ottawa and Washington, along comes a
Bush Administration report saying that Canada is home to Islamic terrorist cells due to our liberal immigration and refugee laws.
This has been a rallying point for the political right in America before the dust had even settled in New York City from the destruction of the World Trade Centre. But this is the first time any official document from the administration has been openly critical along these lines. One has to wonder why they would be releasing this report now when, for the first time in over a decade, they actually have a willing puppet sitting in Ottawa as Prime Minister.

MEMS USA, Inc. Project Buys Ethanol Plant Site in Canada
MEMS - News), an engineered systems and ethanol project developer, announced that its Canadian project, Hearst Ethanol One, Inc. ("HEO"), acquired a 720 acre ethanol plant site. Also purchased was an inventory of more than 2.0 million tons of biomass (wood chips) to feed its ethanol refinery. The site has 5 contiguous parcels of real property (no liens or encumbrances) in the village of Hallebourg, located 7 miles east of the northern Ontario town of Hearst. On one parcel is a fully certified, bonded and operational government licensed biomass storage area. The on-site inventory of biomass purchased in this transaction will produce more than 200 million gallons of ethanol, which at current market price ($2.68 per gallon) would be worth more than $536 million.

Nations' control of resources rises
The trend is making international companies nervous and is reshaping global energy politics.
WASHINGTON - First Russia. Then Venezuela. Now Bolivia.
Soaring energy prices are fueling a wave of natural-resource nationalization that is souring the investment landscape for international oil companies and reshaping energy politics.
While it is anyone's guess as to which energy-rich developing nation will be next to assert greater state control over its oil or natural-gas assets, analysts say it is only a matter of time before the actions of Russia's Vladimir Putin, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and Bolivia's Evo Morales inspire a copycat.
"If you're an international oil company and see this trend, it must be worrying," said Yasser Elguindi, senior managing director at Medley Global Advisors in New York

N.America Mining Firms Uneasy Over Bolivia
N.America Mining Firms Uneasy Over Bolivia (AP) TORONTO
Bolivia's plan to nationalize its natural gas industry and exert greater state control over all of its natural resources has North American mining companies fretting over their future prospects extracting the nation's rich resources of gold, silver and tin.
The chairman of one of the world's largest gold producers told his shareholders he would now "put my buck" on exploration in Pakistan, rather than the South American countries throwing up more roadblocks to foreign investors.