Monday, July 31, 2006

The Truth Will Set You Free...

Not only is "The Truth Will Set You Free" one of the BEST sites on the web, so is the video they have put up today, everyone should watch this video titled Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land . A_R

"Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land provides a striking comparison of U.S. and international media coverage of the crisis in the Middle East, zeroing in on how structural distortions in U.S. coverage have reinforced false perceptions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This pivotal documentary exposes how the foreign policy interests of American political elites - oil, and a need to have a secure military base in the region, among others - work in combination with Israeli public relations strategies to exercise a powerful influence over how news from the region is reported".

The Government of Canada Climate Change site is currently unavailable.

The Government of Canada Climate Change site is currently unavailable.
(Wow! What a coincidence. So is the part of our Government that is supposed to be working on behalf of it's own citizens and not for other countries. Thanks to DESMOGBLOG.COM for that news. A_R)

Canadian Superior Believes Canada Southern Petroleum's Board of Directors & Advisers Incapable of Evaluating Offers for Canada Southern
(They meant it in a nice way though A_R)

Scientists say Erie mirage could be real
Scientists say it's a mirage, but others swear that when the weather is right, Clevelanders can see across Lake Erie and spot Canadian trees and buildings 50 miles away.

U.S. set to issue passports with RFID chips
The U.S. Department of State is on track to start issuing passports with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips next week, despite warnings from some security experts that such systems could be accessed or tracked by hackers.
(Hmmm.....maybe that's the point? A_R)

MDA to study an Italy-Canada Hyperspectral Mission

The joint Canadian-Italian initiative is a collaborative effort between the CSA and ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) to define a new Hyperspectral Space Mission capable of meeting scientific and operational objectives that stretch beyond what can be achieved using existing technologies.

and just what is Hyperspectral?

The eventual commercial potential of such a technology is obvious. But if you talk to enough colonels and experience what old Pentagon hands call "death by briefing," -- and I have -- you will hear mentions of hyperspectral quickly followed by the new mantra of contemporary war planners: tanks under trees. To put it briefly: as with oats, so with tanks. Warfighter I will be able to discern the unique light signatures of extremely specific things -- like tanks hiding under trees or tanks covered in camouflage or tanks painted with a paint meant to make them not look like tanks. (Click text to read the full article that was featured in the NYTimes. A_R)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

War in the World...

Justified and Measured: Can Stephen Harper Speak for our Dead?
With the bodies of dead citizens on the doorstep can Harper continue to call Israel's attacks in Lebanon self-defense? If he does, Canadians will know that his heart lies with Israel and it propagandists, and not with the peace loving citizens of Canada.

Israel's "new Middle East"
Tanya Reinhart demonstrates that Israel's real aim in Lebanon is to establish the Litani River as its natural border. To realize this, it will first destroy Lebanon, then install a puppet regime and, finally, annex southern Lebanon.

Israeli strikes kill 23 in Gaza Strip
In northern Gaza, a woman and her two daughters — an 8-month-old baby and a 5-year-old — were killed when an artillery shell landed on their house, hospital officials said. Another man was shot and killed near a no-go zone near the Israeli- Gaza border, hospital officials said, adding they believe he may have been mentally handicapped.
On Thursday, a 75-year-old Palestinian woman was killed by shrapnel from an Israeli tank shell fired toward her house near the town of Jebaliya, Palestinian security officials said. The army said it was checking the report.

Why we Should Question the Sand Tunnel in Gaza
Gaza is built on old semi-consolidated sand dunes. It is extremely unlikely that anyone could tunnel 500, or more, yards in the sandy ground of Gaza (300 yards into Israel plus 200 yards of no-mans land plus more to the tunnel entrance), without the tunnel collapsing at some point.

Israel's secret war: the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Palestine
12-year-old boy dead on a stretcher. A mother in shock and disbelief after her son was shot dead for standing on their roof. A phone rings and a voice in broken Arabic orders residents to abandon their home on pain of death.
Those are snapshots of a day in Gaza where Israel is waging a hidden war, as the world looks the other way, focusing on Lebanon.

Mr. Bush, What about Israel's defiance of UN Resolutions?
Dear Mr. President:
As we watched your speech to the United Nations General Assembly on September 12, 2002, we were struck by the ironic proximity of the Israeli and Iraqi delegations. Ironic, because many of the accusations you leveled against Iraq could, with ample justification, be directed toward Israel.

Will Cuban oil find break U.S. embargo?
Some facts about America's trade embargo with Cuba:
• It's been U.S. policy since 1961.
• It has yet to loosen Fidel Castro' names grip on power.
• It has cost America little strategically or economically.
Until now, that is.

(I can't wait to see how this unfolds A_R)

NAFTA Publishes Self-Contradictory Pollution Report
NAFTA's environmental agency is supposed to be a watchdog that alerts North Americans to pollution threats, but it often doesn't have much of a bark, let alone a bite.
Consider one of its latest findings, an enigmatic discovery about pollution released from the 126 cement plants in Canada and the United States.

Alternative med acquittal cheered
Two southern Alberta men charged with violating federal health regulations say their acquittal in provincial court yesterday bodes well for alternative medicine in Canada.

Ezra's Howlin' Spider Monkeys Playing Inspector Clouseau.... Hilarity ensues...
Ian Scott, who many Canadian bloggers have met in person and thus could not by any stretch of the imagination possibly be considered to be a Muslim, has been participating on a thread at the Western Standard where he has sliced and diced the rantings of the far-far-barking mad right to an exceptional degree.

Bill would prevent new bans by counties on modified crops
After a flurry of locally approved measures that ban the farming of genetically engineered crops, California lawmakers are considering a late-session push to prevent more counties from passing prohibitions.

Leader, Ottawa cops to discuss patrols
Canada's top Guardian Angel is scheduled to arrive in Ottawa on Monday to educate police about the controversial organization, which could patrol the streets of the nation's capital.

Mega World Power Shift
Something big has been happening in the world in recent decades. This isn’t something you’ll hear about in the news because it’s not just one event. It’s a series of events that are happening gradually and sporadically, but early signs point to a mega world power shift, which could end up being as important as the Industrial Revolution, increasingly affecting us all, in one way or another in the years ahead.

Ontario waives CVOR registration for U.S. bus operators
U.S. bus operators no longer need to register with the Ontario Commercial Vehicle Operator Registration (CVOR) system when traveling in the Canadian province.

CIRA prepares to adopt new privacy policy
The Canadian Internet Registration Authority has begun the final phase of consultations on a new policy aimed at protecting the identities of people using the dot-ca domain name.

UTSA business students don't limit their ideas to U.S. borders
Toward the end of each spring, an elite group of University of Texas at San Antonio graduate business students joins graduate students from Canada and Mexico to find and develop international ventures.
(That's right, if we can't get this generation to integrate North America, we'll just program the next one. A_R)

Future of free trade in question
Hufbauer anticipates a shift in emphasis rather than a slide back into old-style protectionism. Preferential trade will trump free trade. Instead of global talks to create rules that apply to all, countries will seek bilateral and regional trade agreements, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, which are mutually beneficial to their members but don't apply to the rest of the world.
(Mutually beneficial! Who are they trying to kid? A_R)

Bahrain-US relations will enter a new era when the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) comes into effect from Tuesday.This follows a decree from His Majesty King Hamad and a proclamation by US President George W Bush on its implementation yesterday.

US in secret gun deal
The Pentagon has secretly shipped tens of thousands of small arms from Bosnia to Iraq in the past two years, using a web of private companies, at least one of which is a noted arms smuggler blacklisted by Washington and the UN.
According to a report by Amnesty International, which investigated the sales, the US government arranged for the delivery of at least 200,000 Kalashnikov machine guns from Bosnia to Iraq in 2004-05. But though the weaponry was said to be for arming the fledgling Iraqi military, there is no evidence of the guns reaching their recipient

AI Cargo and Cargojet announce strategic alliance in Canada
Effective from August 1, the alliance will enhance the movement of cargo between Canada and India especially to the interior parts, AI's Canada Manager R B Chopra said today.

Canada Boosts Decentralization With Frw6 Billion
Rwanda has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) worth Frw6billion (Canadian$12million) with the Canadian government to support decentralization-tailored projects over 5 years.

The US: Too late for empire
Anyone who wants to write about the constitutional crisis unfolding in the United States today faces a peculiar problem at the outset. There is a large body of observations that at one and the same time have been made too often and yet not often enough - too often because they have been repeated to the point of tedium for a minority ready to listen, but not often enough

US plays a double game
The double game began when US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad announced last November that he was prepared to open negotiations with the Sunni insurgents, to whom he referred as "nationalists". That was just a few days after the spokesman for the US military command in Iraq said its objective was no longer to "defeat" the insurgents, as distinct from foreign terrorist groups.

Hope You're Happy Harper...

they sure are getting those "bad guys" over in Lebanon...well they would be in about 20 or so years, right? Picking up the pieces after the death and destruction Israel has caused in Palestine and Lebanon isn't what we should be doing. We should be speaking out and putting an end to the massacre and theft of land, not endorsing it. Way to go, you've proven that you support genocide, corruption and stand against the United Nations. The UN only looks bad because of people like you and Bush. A_R

Saturday, July 29, 2006


Marathon solider takes command
A soldier born in Northwestern Ontario is about to take command of Canada's 1,200 troops in Afghanistan.
Lt.-Col. Omer Lavoie of Marathon, and his battle group will deploy next Wednesday for a six-month tour of duty. They're being asked to conduct counter-insurgency, reconstruction and diplomacy operations.

Would-be Liberal leaders promise less vulgarity, quotas to woo women
Liberal leadership hopefuls are wooing female voters with a plethora of proposals to entice more women into politics, promising everything from quotas and financial incentives to a code of behaviour to curb vulgar conduct in Parliament.

Radioactive tritium found in groundwater near Pembroke plant
Pembroke, Ont., company has been accused of allowing radioactive contamination to seep into area groundwater.

U.N. economic panel censures Israel
A U.N. body condemned
Israel on Thursday for imposing "severe restrictions" on Palestinians and demanded that Israel transfer tax revenues owed to Palestinian authorities.

The United States, Canada and Australia voted against the resolution.

Israel has a long history of abusing the United Nations

Tuesday's attack was just the latest in a long line of incidents that have poisoned relations between Israel and the UN since the very beginning of their relationship. And Western media coverage of the incident has mimicked the misleading versions they provided of previous troubles, consistently insinuating that the UN has largely been to blame. A fitting example was Wednesday night's broadcast of "Insight" on CNN International. Host Jonathan Mann discussed the Khiam attack with Jonathan Paris, an academic from Oxford University who for some inexplicable reason was treated as an "expert" on the subject.

Shin Bet Vetoed Secret Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement

Just hours before the meeting was due to start, the Israeli Shin Bet internal Security Service arrested Abu Tir and Abu Arafa and warned them not to attend the meeting, under threats of detention. The meeting, which offered a major opportunity to obtain Shalit’s release and launch a new framework for peace, was thrown into disarray. The next day, the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) invaded Gaza, and the day after both Abu Tir and Abu Arafa were abducted by Israeli forces, along with a third of the Palestinian Cabinet, provoking a predictable escalation of violence.

Military closing mountain complex

Adm. Tim Keating, who commands both NORAD and the U.S. Northern Command, said the government's best intelligence "leads us to believe a missile attack from China or Russia is very unlikely."

Groups call for action on cyanide spillage

a US-Canadian company, has spilled cyanide, an extremely poisonous chemical, twice into rivers in its operational area.

Powering Up, One Step at a Time
British engineers are converting street vibrations into electricity and predict a working prototype by Christmas capable of powering facility lights in the busiest areas of a city.
"We can harvest between 5 to 7 watts of energy per footstep that is currently being wasted into the ground," says Claire Price, director of The Facility Architects, the British firm heading up the Pacesetters Project. "And a passing train can generate very useful energy to run signaling or to power lights."

Funding a Global-Warming Skeptic
Virginia's state climatologist, a University of Virginia professor and senior fellow at the libertarian Cato Institute -- told Western business leaders last year that he was running out of money for his analyses of other scientists' global warming research. So last week, a Colorado utility organized a collection campaign to help him out, raising at least $150,000 in donations and pledges.

Feds introduce fingerprint requirements for green cards, parolees, Canadians
The federal government wants U.S. residents with green cards, parolees and some Canadians to l have their fingerprints checked every time they re-enter the U.S. by air or sea.


The State of Alaska website shows 16 of 40 house districts with more than 200% voter turnout, Also, if you add up the vote totals from each district they come to more than 100,000 votes for state wide candidates than the summary reports show.

US voices openness to private Net control
The United States may be willing to cede at least some of its historic control of the Internet domain name system after all, a US Commerce Department official said on Wednesday.
Despite bold statements last year that seemed to indicate otherwise and ignited a worldwide debate, John Kneuer, the acting assistant secretary for communications and information, said the government "remains committed" to private management of the DNS.

I'm having trouble with my site...

I'm a relative newbie when it comes to this stuff, so you'll have to bear with me as I try to figure out how to manage my page. It seems like the links and recent posts disappear, and you actually have to scroll over them to have them show up. At other times there is a partial list showing. I was playing around with the template and who knows what I have done to it.

I think it must be something to do with the background picture. If you are reading this and you can figure it out, let me know :) Thanks....peace out

The call that tells you: run, you're about to lose your home and possessions

The call that tells you: run, you're about to lose your home and possessions
The voice sounded friendly enough. "Hi, my name is Danny. I'm an officer in Israeli military intelligence. In one hour we will blow up your house."
Mohammed Deeb took the telephone call seriously and told his family and neighbours to get out of the building. An hour later, an Israeli helicopter fired three missiles at the four-storey building in Gaza City, destroying the ground floor and damaging the upper storeys.
Mr Deeb was on the receiving end of a new Israeli tactic of using telephone, radio and leaflets to warn Gazans of impending attacks. The army claims it is an attempt to minimise civilian casualties, but Palestinians say it is a new way of terrorising the population.
Raji Serrani, the director of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), which has collected several examples of the tactic, described it as "psychological warfare", adding: "Since when did Israel feel the need to warn people that they were about to bomb their homes? They are simply playing with people's minds and inflicting a new panic in Gaza."

Friday, July 28, 2006

Advocacy groups worry corporations are buying premiers' time
The first ministers' conference is costing about $1.5 million to stage. Corporations like Aliant and Inco are paying for about a third of that.

Wheat board meeting hears from single-desk opponents

The federal government is holding a meeting in Saskatoon on the future of the Canadian Wheat Board — but many of the farm leaders who support the board in its present form aren't invited.

Ahmadinejad Did Not Say - "Wipe Israel Off The Map"
Let’s fill in the Blanks in the Speech of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Gambia: The Moment of Truth
President Jammeh has hit the right target when he drew sword on the State of Israel for inflicting the most heinous and barbaric treatment on Lebanon and Palestine.

Ghana: Oatuu Condemns Israel's Aggression On Lebanon/Palestine

He recalled that the African National Congress was also called a terrorist organisation during their noble struggle against apartheid.

ACLU Asks For Investigation Into Report of Innocent People Watchlisted to Meet Air Marshals' Quota
The American Civil Liberties Union today asked the Chief Privacy Officer of the Department of Homeland Security to investigate a news report that federal air marshals are being directed to fill a monthly quota of reports labeling particular Americans as "suspicious."

Canstar Announces Decision by Newfoundland and Labrador Supreme Court Regarding Mary March Property-Re-Hearing Ordered
The ruling can be viewed in its entirety at

Enbridge to Construct US$350 Million Southern Access Extension
The Extension has been sized to provide ample capacity for Canadian crude to access the Patoka hub, from which it can move to a variety of markets such as Wood River, the U.S. Gulf Coast and Eastern PADD II.

Stephen Harper Has to Go!

Stephen Harper is not fit to run this country. He stands behind the innocent slaughter of children in Palestine and Lebanon. The leader of OUR country doesn't mind at all, infact he doesn't want it to stop. He believes they should continue to be bombed, maimed, and treated like animals. It's time for him to go.

He bends over for other countries interests and not the values and interests of the people in Canada. He stands beside the worst President the United States has ever had, they make good bed fellows. I truly believe he will also go down as the worst Prime Minister Canada has ever had. I am ashamed, embarrassed and saddened to see what has become of our country since he has stepped into this postion and in such little time. What more can he do with the time he still has?

Canadians should being screaming to get rid of this puppet government while we still have the opportunity to do so. There is nothing he could ever do to put his decisions in a positive light. He will be remembered as Bush's lap dog, as the man who took away Canada's role in peace keeping. He ignores the rights of Palestine while Israel steals their land and treats innocent civilians like animals. He cannot pretend he doesn't know the truth. He just hopes Canadians are getting used to having inept and corrupt leaders.

I am tired of it, but not too tired to ignore it. This is the first time I have been angry enough to make sure everyone I talk to knows it too. I will work tirelessly to inform people about what Harper is doing to our country.

Where is the outrage? Why aren't more politicians speaking out against this? All we can do is keep on pushing and communicating the truth. Stand up for Canada because the Harper Government is not.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

July 27, 2006

NDP MP takes part in Washington fast for peace

A prominent member of the NDP caucus has joined a lineup of celebrities, including actors Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon, to protest American foreign policy on the doorstep of the White House.
Libby Davies, the NDP House leader and MP for Vancouver East, made the trip to Washington, D.C., to join a few dozen peace activists who are fasting to protest U.S. troops in Iraq and escalating violence in the Middle East.

A sign of the times in music...

Colder (Click to Listen)


The bombs drop around 7 oclock
nowhere to run ,wish they would stop
the press reports their point of view
people stuck there have little they can do
people stuck here have little time to choose

Shouldn`t trust the government

Don`t you know you have their fate on your shoulders

And nothings much colder than you

Don`t you know you have their fate on your shoulders

And nothings much colder than you

You could be next

(©cowan 2006)

Printed with permission from the artist. A_R

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Please don't forget Palestine...

Just a reminder amid all the news of war and human suffering around the world, that Palestine is in turmoil. Their land has been stolen from them, they barely have food and water, aid is not reaching them, and without our voice, this unjust humanitarian crisis will continue to harm many innocent people. A_R


Aid door to Lebanon closed: UN agencies
United Nations humanitarian agencies said on Tuesday they were still largely blocked from bringing relief supplies into Lebanon and from getting injured and chronically sick people to hospitals.
The agencies spoke just before Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said his government would allow aid airlifts through its air and sea blockade to its northern neighbor.
But the first reaction was that the Israeli move did little to solve the immediate humanitarian crisis.
"It is enormously frustrating to be right on the back doorstep of Lebanon and ready to move in with hundreds of tonnes of aid, but the door remains closed," spokeswoman Jennifer Pagonis of the refugee agency UNHCR told a news briefing.

Israel troops 'ignored' UN plea
UN peacekeepers in south Lebanon contacted Israeli troops 10 times before an Israeli bomb killed four of them, an initial UN report says.

Rwanda: Canadian Ambassador Leaves
The Canadian Ambassador to Rwanda, Jim Wall is set to leave after serving for three and a half years. Speaking to The New Times Tuesday 25 at Village Urugwiro after bidding...

Australian senator suggests equal vote for N.B.
The president of the Australian Senate says smaller Canadian provinces like New Brunswick could benefit from an elected Senate.
But Paul Calvert said that would be more likely to happen if all provinces had equal representation in the Senate.
Calvert is visiting Fredericton as a guest of the speaker of Canada's Senate, Noel Kinsella of New Brunswick.

Congressional hearing on border security slated for Selfridge

At issue is securing 4,000-mile Canadian border.

Clinton talks border relations

Former U.S. president will discuss Canadian-American solutions at the Metro Centre

License Plate Tracking for All

Jealous lovers may soon have an alternative to sniffing for perfume to catch a cheating mate: Just follow their license plate.
In recent years, police around the country have started to use powerful infrared cameras to read plates and catch carjackers and ticket scofflaws. But the technology will soon migrate into the private sector, and morph into a tool for tracking individual motorists' movements, says former policeman Andy Bucholz, who's on the board of Virginia-based G2 Tactics, a manufacturer of the technology.

Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports Denies Press Reports of Discussions With Canadian Lumber Industry
The Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports categorically denies that it, or its members, have or will engage in any discussions with representatives of the Canadian lumber industry concerning modifications to the recently initialed settlement agreement between the governments of the United States and Canada.

A list of newspaper articles from WhatReallyHappened.

Canadian Agriculture Worries About Opportunities Lost
The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association is deeply disappointed with the suspension of World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations. “Every Canadian farmer or rancher who depends on international trade has been dealt a serious setback,” said CCA President Hugh Lynch-Staunton, “And the export-dependent sectors account for nearly ninety percent of Canadian agriculture.”

New Pipeline to Connect Canadian Supplies to Growing U.S. Northeast Markets, Increase Access to Storage; Open Season Scheduled July 28 to Aug. 31
An interstate natural gas pipeline to connect Canadian natural gas supplies to energy-hungry U.S. Northeast markets and regional storage is being proposed by Alliance Pipeline, Duke Energy Gas Transmission (DEGT) and NJR Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of New Jersey Resources (NJR).

AMD to acquire Canadian firm ATI for 5.4 billion dollars
US microprocessor giant AMD will acquire Canadian technology company ATI in a deal valued at approximately 5.4 billion dollars, the companies said in a joint statement

Arrested Bush dissenters eye courts
When school was canceled to accommodate a campaign visit by
President Bush' , the two 55-year-old teachers reckoned the time was ripe to voice their simmering discontent with the administration's policies.
Christine Nelson showed up at the Cedar Rapids rally with a Kerry-Edwards button pinned on her T-shirt; Alice McCabe clutched a small, paper sign stating "No More War." What could be more American, they thought, than mixing a little dissent with the bunting and buzz of a get-out-the-vote rally headlined by the president?
Their reward: a pair of handcuffs and a strip search at the county jail.

Kenya: State Wants Duty-Free Shops Case Deferred
Mr Ali seeks compensation from the Kenyan government and top officials of former ruling party Kanu for allegedly depriving him of his duty free shops in Nairobi and Mombasa. The case has been raging for the last six years at the Hague.
The letter is signed by Solicitor-General Wanjuki Muchemi on behalf of the Government, and Mr Paul Muite, who is representing Mr Ali, a Canadian national.

Werikhe woos Canadian investors into housing sector

HOUSING State Minister Michael Werikhe, has said he has secured a number of Canadian firms that are willing to invest in the housing sector in Uganda.
Werikhe told Daily Monitor on July 12, that he has been on a three-week tour of Canada looking for investors in housing and other sectors.

Newmont sells Alberta oilsands stake to South Korea
Newmont Mining Corp. sold its Alberta oilsands property to Korea National Oil Corp. for 310 million Canadian dollars (272 million US), a company spokeswoman told AFP.

New pipeline to connect Canadian supplies to growing U.S. Northeast markets
An interstate natural gas pipeline to connect Canadian natural gas supplies to energy-hungry U.S. Northeast markets and regional storage is being proposed by Alliance Pipeline, Duke Energy Gas Transmission (DEGT) and NJR Pipeline Company, a subsidiary of New Jersey Resources (NJR).

Monday, July 24, 2006

Is Stephen Harper Uneducated or Just Lying?

When Stephen Harper states "our evaluation of the situation has been accurate," whose evaluation is he going by? I hope it is not our Canadian Intelligence that is providing him with this information. That would only go to show the rest of the world we do not actually look for facts but pay our government employees to play lap-dog to a few other countries.
Do you realize that he is speaking for YOU when he tells the world that
this is okay. The years of inhumane treatment of innocent people in Palestine is acceptable. Take a look at these children and tell me you feel comfortable with it. The media is either too afraid or is somehow not allowed to report the truth about the middle-east. If that weren't the case, why is that Canadians seem to be one of the few countries that have no idea of the real reason for what is going on? If you would like to educate yourself read this. Maybe Stephen is illiterate? I wish I knew the reason why he doesn't know that this is a land grab that the UN does not endorse. Most of the world seems to know the truth but us here in the west. Surely, a person who is supposed to be smart enough to LEAD an entire country, should know the facts. Why would a person in his position want to play puppet when he can be a true leader, one with a soul at least. Christian values? Hardly. Lying, ignoring human suffering, allowing our Canadian soldiers to die for no valid reason. He has only proven he is not fit to run a country.
Which leads me to our other potential Liberal leader the part-time Canadian IGGY.
"Ignatieff, considered by many to be the front-runner in the leadership race, refused to get involved Monday. A spokeswoman said he was spending time with his family and would have no comment. It shows real leadership material when you don't have the guts to make a statement. Is he is too afraid to say where he stands because it might cost him votes? When we vote, don't we do so because we believe in the person who is running? Because he stands for similar values that we do? Do we really need another politician who is spineless and doesn't have a mind of his own? Who won't stand for anything because it's safer, it will get you into office and then you can do whatever you want, regardless of the people who pay your salary and put you there in the first place. Innocent people in Palestine are dying, starving and being treated like animals. Stephen Harper thinks it is okay. He also thinks taking land that doesn't belong to you is okay. Which may not be a bad thing...I've always liked property next door and the house is just beautiful! If they put up a fuss, I'll just call the authorities, have them labelled as terrorists and get them taken away to some prison in Kingston. Nah, I don't believe in being like that, our leader does. Can you imagine endorsing this type of behavior? Is it fine for someone our children are meant look up to for good Candian values to be taught that only certain people matter in this world. That some children just aren't worth the effort. That picking up a child's body parts blown to bits by a rocket is what you and I stand for. Tuck your child into bed tonight and be thankful you weren't born in Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq or Lebanon where innocent people are murdered because of the actions of groups they don't belong to. You can't help where you are born, you shouldn't have to die because of it.
If you would like present him with actual facts or let him know he does not speak for you, contact him
here. A_R

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm working on a new blog...

so my headlines will a little slow for a while. The new blog will be a place to go to do on-line research of every type. Researching social programs, the environment, corporate companies and will always be a work in progress. I'll post the link but there isn't much there yet.
My Research Links

I'm also working on a piece about Michael Ignatieff. I think I'll start covering different politicians, so we can get a glimpse into their work and make informed opinions about them. I never followed the political "beat" so it'll be just as much for me as it will for you. With every thing going on in the world today, it's important to take some initiative where we live, times are changing and we should have the right to take part in the process. It's our Country. We can make a difference in shaping the policies and the decisions our government makes.

Oh yeah, if you have any good links to research sites or something you would like to see covered, drop me a line...

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Hate to give this government credit but...

With all the bad press about the evacuation process taking place, I have to say: Give them a break! I am no way a supporter of this Conservative government, and even less of Harper, but we can only imagine the red-tape, and time it would take to get things in motion. You can't snap your fingers and have a ship appear, they can't just pull up and tell everyone to hop in. There have to be security issues, they have to check that they are indeed Canadian citizens. They have to please the the U.S and Israeli concerns first (like it or not). Besides, the more whining we do will only give them an excuse to expand in their spending and continuing military pursuits. A_R

Mexicans Lining up for Refugee Status… in Canada?
Canada rejected 81 percent of Mexicans asylum seekers last year but this is no reason to question the Immigration and Refugee Board's (IRB) fairness, it says.

Canada: Rallies Planned Against Israeli Action
Organizers in Montreal, Canada, expect 10,000 demonstrators to participate in a protest against Israeli military action in Lebanon on July 22.

Canadian family wants justice in Mideast
Grieving relatives of a Montreal family killed in an Israeli air strike in Lebanon say the Canadian government must hold Israel responsible for what they call a civilian "massacre."

Soldiers say ordered to kill young men
Four U.S. soldiers accused of murdering suspected insurgents during a raid in
Iraq' said they were under orders to "kill all military age males," according to sworn statements obtained by The Associated Press.

Environment-Canada: Oil Sands Mining Rips Up Forest, Wetlands
Over much of northern Canada, there is little more than trees, rocks, lakes and wetlands. But in northeastern Alberta, the landscape is changing dramatically as strip mining peels off the forest and soil to reach a molasses-like viscous oil mixed with sand and clay 40 to 60 meters below the surface.
About 40 percent of the area is wetlands, some of which have been drained and rivers diverted to prevent flooding of the mine sites. One of the world's most spectacular wetlands is found here, and despite its recognized ecological importance, is now slated to be strip mined.

The History of Context
Acknowledging that the Palestinians got a lousy deal and had good reason to fight back, not defending methods but not denying cause, David Ben-Gurion first leader of Israel was no weak sister, but he was honest about the injustice he helped cause:
"Why should the Arabs make peace? If I were an Arab leader, I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we came here and stole their country. Why should they accept that?" (David Ben-Gurion quoted in "
The Jewish Paradox" by Nahum Goldmann, former president of the World Jewish Congress.)

Canadian producers prime takeover targets
UBS Securities analysts see large-cap Canadian E&P companies such as EnCana, Nexen, Canadian Natural Resources and Petro-Canada as ripe for the picking if their forecast round of consolidation takes place.

Ghanaian Establishes the first computer forensics course in Canada
The Canadian Institute of Learning in Brampton, Ontario, Canada, a private career college, is now offering a course in computer forensics, the first of its kind to be offered in Canada.
(I'd like to take that course! A_R)

RCMP probe census scam
Police are reminding people to beware of phone scammers who claim to be Statistics Canada census workers and ask for sensitive information.
Lloydminster RCMP say a resident there received a census call yesterday, but felt uncomfortable giving the information requested and refused, which was the right thing to do.

Victoria ordered to develop plan to stop dumping raw sewage
Victoria has drawn national and international criticism for allowing 34 million gallons of sewage to flow untreated into the strait every day.

SmartPill Gets Approval for Use in Canada
SmartPill, an ingestible capsule that records medical information as it passes through the digestive system, was approved for sale and use in Canada, SmartPill Corp. announced.

Anti-terror information sharing improved: FBI
The annual FBI National Academy Associates conference is being held in Toronto until Wednesday. The police training event, which gathers graduates from the FBI academy, is taking place outside the United States for the first time.

S.A. officials to court Canada for first time
San Antonio business and community leaders Sunday will leave for the city's first official trade mission to Canada.

Judge shoots down utility's legal appeal
That 2005 ruling resulted in roughly $6 million dollars being returned to customers and a reduction in rates for the utility of 2.75 percent.

Friday, July 21, 2006

More Stuff...

A licence to whine
A defiant Fred Jajczay vows to fight tickets for several driving-related offences, saying he has the legal right to drive - even though he sported a homemade driver's licence, self-styled insurance and a fake licence plate.
The 69-year-old Edmonton resident was stopped by police Tuesday at 8 a.m. for driving his 1994 Lincoln Continental in a bus lane near 121 Avenue and 97 Street. They were shocked when he presented his "paperwork."
"It costs money and I'm tired of paying the government for anything and everything," he said, adding as a Canadian citizen he has the right to drive and travel freely.
(People are getting tired of being ripped off from every direction. P.S. I like you Fred! A_R)

Facts About Israel The Media Isn't Telling You
(Warning: The top of the page contains graphic photo's. Scroll down to find the U Tube. A_R)

Mexico, U.S., and Canada Agree to Strengthen Energy Sector
Mexico, the United States, and Canada have agreed to strengthen the North American energy sector to improve efficiency and foster research and development in clean technologies, Mexico's Energy Secretariat, or SE, announced Monday. Mexican Energy Minister Fernando Canales Clariond, U.S. Energy Secretary Samuel W. Bodman, and Canadian Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn announced the joint accord in a letter signed by the trio,
said the SE in a communique.

Survey to Identify Outer Edge of Canada's Eastern Shelf
Hearn says it will give Canada undisputed international recognition of sovereign rights.

Hungary earmarks $314 mln for airport suit-report
Canada's Airport Development Corporation (ADC) filed a lawsuit in London against Hungary in 2002 after the renationalisation, which terminated ADC's contract to operate the airport, the newspaper said. The contract was supposed to expire in 2010.

Minuteman group questioned about spending
The leadership of a civilian border patrol group is facing questions about how it has spent donations collected over the past 15 months.Some members of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps say they have no idea how much money has been collected since the group was created in April 2005. They are also questioning what the money has been spent on and why it has been funneled through a northern Virginia-based charity headed by conservative commentator Alan Keyes.

Pollution threatens coral health by preventing lesions from healing, UCF study shows
Coral's inability to repair tissue damage contributes to decline of reefs, can harm economy and increase hurricane risks
Coral tissue damage that normally heals on its own will not mend when the colonies are near pollution sources on land that release industrial chemicals, fuel oils and other contaminants, a University of Central Florida biologist and several colleagues have found.

Ridley Inc.: Ruling Allows Quebec Class Authorisation Hearing To Proceed
In a decision released Friday, July 14, the Quebec Court of Appeal denied Ridley Inc. leave to appeal the June 2, 2006 Quebec Superior Court's refusal to stay the proposed class action lawsuit against Ridley and the Government of Canada in the province of Quebec. The Government of Canada was also denied leave to appeal.

Saskatchewan leads Canada in violent crime
Saskatchewan had more violent crime than any province in Canada last year and its two major cities were among the worst for murders, robberies and break-ins.

Headlines: July 21, 2006

Why Oil May Plunge Before Election
International energy tracker Robert Berke is really going against the grain. He's convinced that America and Iran will resolve their differences before the November elections, leading to a precipitous drop in the price of oil. It's a scenario he's conveying to institutional investors both in America and abroad.

Canadian troops escape U.S. bomb attack
Canadian troops narrowly missed death and serious injury when an American jet dropped a 225-kilogram laser-guided bomb on their position earlier this month in an incident frighteningly similar to the friendly fire attack that killed four Canadian soldiers in 2002.
Soft ground prevented a bloodbath, soldiers said of the incident.

Mayors look for alternative to passports at Canada, U.S. border crossing

U.S. pushes Canada on border vigilance

U.S. no-fly list mistakenly snagging dozens of Canadian travellers
(I am so tired of hearing about this. It's shoved in our faces from the media constantly. They want us all to whine and complain to our politicians, don't fall for it. Passport, ID card...who cares? Either way you still need ID. They want us to think it is such a bother that we will beg for integration just to avoid such hassles at the border. They say passports are costly and having to get them is bothersome. Can you imagine the taxpayer's cost of having an ID card or new license? Can you imagine the companies drooling over contracts for such a venture, not to mention the database they can collect, and we get to foot the bill!! A_R)

Domestic Detainee From 9/11 Released
Benamar Benatta, believed to be the last remaining domestic detainee from the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, was released yesterday after negotiations involving Canada, the United States and his attorneys ended his captivity at nearly five years.
Benatta crossed the border from the United States to Canada, where he will be allowed to resume the bid for political asylum that resulted in his detention shortly before the terrorist attacks.
Benamar Benatta was held nearly five years despite the FBI saying in 2001 that he had no terrorism ties. 2001, attacks, was released yesterday after negotiations involving Canada, the United States and his attorneys ended his captivity at nearly five years.The Algerian air force lieutenant spent more than 58 months behind bars even though the FBI formally concluded in November 2001 that he had no connection to terrorism

U.S. automakers expand in Mexico, but do it very quietly
And it is still cheap to operate here compared with the United States, where unionized workers earn at least $27 a hour and benefits can double or even triple the total cost. By comparison, Mexico's typical auto industry wages of $3.50 an hour for experienced workers look like a bargain.
(Yeah, sweat-shop style bargain... A_R)

Ontario Nuclear Strategy Inadequate, Bruce Says
``It's no surprise that someone in the business of nuclear power would advocate for more nuclear power,'' Erwin said.

Lehman Brothers Recommends Selling Canada, New Zealand Dollars
Investors should sell the Canadian and New Zealand dollars because the nations' central banks have probably reached the end of their cycles of interest-rate increases, according to Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

'Cousin Gord' Warmly Greeted By AFN Chiefs
The AFN was to choose Wednesday between continuing Fontaine’s presidency or electing his challenger, B.C. chief Bill Wilson. The AFN represents aboriginal people on reserves, and the federal Conservatives have increased their emphasis on aboriginals living off reserve, who are now the majority in Canada.
(Attention: Land Grab Alert! A_R)

Author urges law enforcement to be ready for potential attack
A terrorist attack on American soil is imminent, an author and expert on international terrorism said in a conference Thursday in Terre Haute.

U.S. lumber coalition members divided on plans to split Canadian duty money
While Canadian lumber producers threaten to scuttle the Canada-U.S. Softwood Lumber Agreement, their American rivals are arguing over how to divvy up $500 million US they're entitled to if the deal goes ahead.
Under a proposed distribution arrangement, only companies that paid into a legal fund set up by the U.S. Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports to fight Canadian lumber exporters would be entitled to a share of the money gathered from the import duties.
The idea angers some producers who belong to the influential lobby group - often through regional industry associations - but have not contributed regularly to the legal war chest. Some opted instead to help by supporting their associations' marketing arms.

Cash-card firm Dexit faces cash crunch
Dexit Inc., which once billed itself as a route to a cashless society, said on Thursday it was laying off almost half its staff and looking for new business partners as it tries to save money.
(Fight for your right to have cold hard cash people, do not put your money in the hands of a computer. A_R)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Better Late Than Never...

Deep Integration with the US: Who'll Stop That Train?
Earlier in June a group of high-ranking business executives met in St. John, New Brunswick, to discuss the economic integration of the Maritime provinces with the New England states.

LAA signs agreement with Canadian investor
Glen Smith, Chairman of the Louisiana Airport Authority, announced Tuesday the signing of the cooperative endeavor agreement between LAA and the Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC), a wholly owned crown corporation of the Government of Canada.

Top court won't review environmental impact of oilsands project
Air pollution from the plants blows into Saskatchewan, and the Athabasca River, into which oilsands companies pour waste water, drains north into the Northwest Territories.

Construction association lobbies Harper to loosen immigration laws
Canada will need up to 190,000 workers to fill jobs across the country, the association said.

(I'm all for this as long as they do what they say and pay these workers the same rates as the Canadian worker. The sad truth is, that is not usually the case. They work long hours, for less pay, and that also leads to Canadian's losing out on work. A_R)

FEMA muzzling La. trailer-park residents
Residents of trailer parks set up by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to house hurricane victims in Louisiana aren't allowed to talk to the press without an official escort, The (Baton Rouge) Advocate reported.
In one instance, a security guard ordered an Advocate reporter out of a trailer during an interview in Morgan City. Similar FEMA rules were enforced in Davant, in Plaquemines Parish.
FEMA spokeswoman Rachel Rodi wouldn't say whether the security guards' actions complied with FEMA policy, saying the matter was being reviewed. But she confirmed that FEMA does not allow the news media to speak alone to residents in their trailers.

(Excuse me? These are American citizens and have the FREEDOM to speak with who they wish! A_R)

Punish Spying? I Must be Abroad
I'm in Tokyo this summer, and the daily newspapers here are reporting that South Korea is confronting a similar surveillance scandal. There are interesting similarities, and differences, in how the two countries are dealing with the problem of official snooping.
Earlier this week, two former heads of South Korea's National Intelligence Service, or NIS, were sentenced in connection with an illegal wiretapping scheme that extended from the 1990s until 2002.

Millenium Awarded Third Payload Contract from Canadian Space Agency
Enhanced OSTEO(TM) mini lab allows for the automated study of astronaut bone loss in space -

(1.72 million for a study of bone loss in space?? A_R)

Federal court records say the 55-year-old man asked agents at the Eastport border crossing if he could store his gun there on July ninth while he went on vacation in Canada. He showed credentials indicating he was with the "United States Special Response Department Anti-Terrorism Unit."

TransCanada steps up fight for pipeline rights
TransCanada Pipelines vows to fight for the right to build the Canadian section of the proposed Alaska Highway natural gas pipeline if Alaska and the producers insist on owning it, spokesperson Jennifer Varey says.

DEVILS LAKE: Commission receives revised outlet complaint
Environmental groups in the United States and Canada have submitted a new request to a North American Free Trade Agreement commission to investigate the Devils Lake outlet.
The Montreal-based Commission for Environmental Cooperation last month rejected the initial request, saying it did not meet the proper criteria. The commission, however, following normal procedure, gave the groups 30 days to submit another request.

Canada's Dodge Says IMF Must Adjust Quotas Quickly
Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge said the International Monetary Fund must act with ``urgency'' to give China and other countries more say and help resolve global imbalances.

Between April 10, 2003, and January 25, 2005, Arabsky submitted 31 falsified certificates of analysis to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for poultry being exported to South Africa. The certificates of analysis, which are required by the CFIA before export certificates are authorized, falsely stated that the poultry products had been tested for Salmonella enteriditis and Salmonella typhimurium.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

News and Politics

A Canadian First: First Nations to Receive Social Assistance Benefits on Prepaid Cards
Mint Capital Corp., a subsidiary of Mint Technology Corp. and FP Financial Ltd. announced today that the companies have partnered to provide the first prepaid financial services product in Canada used to remit recurring social assistance benefits to Canada's First Nations communities. As a replacement for traditional paper cheques, the FirstPeoples Prepaid Benefits Card program will allow administrators and benefit recipients to take advantage of direct financial savings, convenience and the added safety and security that a traditional credit card offers.
(We all know machines can be hacked, data stolen, ID theft, not to mention computers down at the banks, power outages. What a terrible idea! I am for a cash society, where corporate companies can't buy the information gathered from the use of "cards." Besides I hate waiting in line behind someone who uses these cards, once sold to use on the basis of saving time, yeah right, saving time for who? A_R)

Canadian Parliamentarians Visit DPP Headquarters
A Canadian parliamentary delegation paid a visit to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) headquarters Tuesday to discuss measures to further boost relations between Canada and Taiwan. The delegation, composed of members of parliament from four major Canadian political parties, is headed by Jay Hill, the Conservative Party's whip in the House of Commons, on its Taipei visit.
Chen Chung-hsin, director of the DPP's international affairs department, told the Canadian lawmakers that the international community should show more support for liberal and democratic Taiwan as it faces an ever-growing military threat from China.

Raytheon collects $13M missile launcher deal
A business unit of Raytheon Co. won a $13 million missile contract for the governments of Japan and Canada.

Homeland Security's Chertoff to visit
Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff is visiting the Sweet Grass Port of Entry today.
Chertoff and Canadian Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day will examine the shared port-of-entry facility at Sweet Grass as an example of the United States and Canada working together.

In Gaza, There's No Milk, No Sugar and Tomatoes are Rotting on the Vines
In a few days there'll be a flour shortage, and if that happens there'll be a conflagration here - but it will be directed against the Israelis, not Hamas," Deputy Minister of Economics in the Palestinian Authority, Nasser Saraj, said yesterday about the closure of the Karni border crossing. The crossing has been completely closed since February 21, and since the beginning of the year it has not been open for more than 12 days.

Legislative session conflicts with Klein's fishing trip
Alberta's premier is asking the legislature move up its next session a few days so he can go on a fundraising fishing trip, a request at least one critic is calling "ridiculous."
The legislature is scheduled to sit for five days beginning on Aug. 30 so politicians can deal with the issue of spending an extra $200 million on health and education.

Katrina audit shows fraud, abuse
The Homeland Security Department wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars last year on iPods, dog booties, beer-making equipment and designer jackets, congressional investigators have concluded. More than 100 laptop computers and a dozen boats also bought by Homeland Security employees are missing, the investigators found.
(Nothing shocks me anymore A_R)

Medical journal says it was misled again by doctors with industry ties
Just days after announcing a crackdown on researchers who do not disclose drug company ties, the editor of a prestigious medical journal says she was misled again - this time by the authors of a study linking severe migraines to heart attacks in women.

Gagged bloggers fume at ban
Having been deprived of their personal space in cyberspace by a government ban on blogs related to Mumbai terror attacks, netizens have slammed the internet censorship through messages expressing outrage in other web forums.

CANADA: RFID promoted through test project
A six-month Canadian pilot project will focus on applying radio frequency identification (RFID) to perishable products, including fresh and frozen goods.

Work begins on Talisman oil platform
Work has started on a wind power project near Talisman Energy Inc.'s Beatrice oil platform off Scotland that could eventually be expanded to supply 20 percent of the region's electricity needs. The cost of the pilot project is 72.6 million Canadian dollars ($64.2 million US), but any expansion in the future would cost substantially less because more of the units would be built, he said.
"It is a prototype of wind power that has two benefits," Talisman Energy president and CEO Jim Buckee told The Canadian Press in an interview Tuesday from Edinburgh, shortly after he visited the offshore project with European Union and Scottish officials.
"By being 25 miles offshore it doesn't have any visual impact and the wind is steadier there," he added. "And the European Commission is making a big push for 20 percent and occasionally 25 percent of renewable energy and this is an important component of that strategy."
The previously announced project is a joint venture between Talisman Energy (UK) Ltd., a unit of the Calgary company, and Scottish and Southern Energy.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Agreement on Palestine-Israeli-Japanese talks reached
Japanese PrimeMinister Junichiro Koizumi said that Palestinian-Israeli-Japanese talkson a peaceful settlement are being prepared. We have agreed to hold trilateral talks, the prime minister said,adding that it was decided to hold talks at a high level of thegovernment in order to discuss the problem. Koizumi revealed that he visited the Middle East on the eve of theGroup of Eight summit and met with the leaders of Palestine, Israel andJordan. An agreement to hold talks at a high level of government inorder to discuss a peaceful settlement was reached, the prime ministersaid. Detailed consultations with the participation of high-rankingofficials from the three countries will begin soon, Koizumi said at a news conference in Strelna.

Army jawan injured in Lebanon
Most recently, the mandate of UNIFIL was extended until July 31 this year by a UN Security Council resolution of January 31.
The Indian Army has gradually seen the widening of its area of responsibilities. January this year saw the posting of an Indian army contingent at Golan Heights for the first time. A group of 185 officers and troops from India are stationed along with contingents from Canada, Japan, Slovakia, Austria and Poland as part of the UN Disengagement Observers Force (UNDOF).

NAFTA highway faces uncertain future
A proposed business-backed superhighway link between Arizona, Mexico and Canada is running into skepticism about whether it actually will be built and worries that it will result in more U.S. and Mexican job losses to China.
The planned Canamex corridor is a one of a series of so-called North American Free Trade Agreement superhighways ballyhooed as improving trade and transportation links between Mexico, Canada and the U.S. The corridor involves improving and linking highways from Mexico City and the Mexican state of Sonora through Nogales, Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Salt Lake City and north into Alberta, Canada.
Phoenix Congressman Ed Pastor, a key border state lawmaker, questions whether the superhighway will ever happen, and free-trade skeptics worry such a corridor will make it easier for Chinese goods to get into North America -- which they say could result in more U.S. and Mexican job losses to Asia.

The European Commission announced Monday a 20 million euro aid package to bring food assistance to the most vulnerable Palestinians.
"The deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Palestinian territories is a matter of great concern. This package, together with the aid that we are channelling via the International Temporary Mechanism, is designed to meet some of the basic needs of ordinary Palestinians caught up in the current crisis,"

Mid-East “Oil Shock” Rattles Global Stock Markets, Energizes Gold
(This article is so obviously biased, but I posted it because it is an interesting outlook on the global market A_R)

Countries have to work together to fight cross-border crime, Attorney General
Terrorists and drug smugglers know no borders and so neither should North American law enforcement agencies, Attorney General Vic Toews told a conference of 2,000 law enforcement delegates gathered in Toronto on Monday.
Delegates from nine countries are attending the annual training conference held by the Federal Bureau of Investigation's national academy - the first time the event has been held outside the United States.
Toews told delegates Canada and the United States are "shining examples" of co-operation but all countries need to work together to fight international crime.

Iraq’s Trade and Investment Opportunities
Assistant Secretary Lash serves as Chairman of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Iraq and Afghanistan Investment and Reconstruction Task Force. In this capacity, he can provide a unique prospective on the reconstruction, economic progress and opportunities in Iraq. Specifically, he will address the laws passed by the Iraqis prior to the June 30 transfer of authority and the prospects for greater reform under the Iraqi Interim Government as well as opportunities to partner with the Iraqi people to assist in the continued development of a prosperous and free Iraq.
(This was in 2004. Can you believe it? Just ignore the bullets and dead bodies, come and do business!! Sick! A_R)

Monday, July 17, 2006

One day I'll write my own stuff, but for now: More headlines

Oil's Not Well in Canadian Sands
With all of the uncertainty in the Middle East, the U.S. government is continuing to cozy up to its important oil supplier to the north.
DOE Secretary
Bodman was in Alberta last week, touring oil sands facilities where "current oil sands production is over 1 million barrels per day, and is expected to double by 2010 and reach 3 million barrels per day by 2015," according to the agency. Canada accounts for more than 16 percent of our total imported crude oil and petroleum products, and with 175 billion barrels of proven oil sands reserves, Canada ranks second only to Saudi Arabia in global oil reserves.
(Hey Canada, consider joining us. We've got 2 Disney parks, more NHL teams, and lower taxes.)

Canada offers guest worker scheme
Fiji citizens have been welcomed to work in tourism centres in Canada, however existing conditions may not be profitable. The job opportunity for Fiji Islanders was offered by authorities and companies in the British Columbia province, which Fiji's High Commissioner to Canada Jesoni Vitusagavulu visited last June.

Canada Urged To Grant Visa-Free Treatment For Taiwan Tourists
Mainland Affairs Council Chairman Joseph Wu urged Canada Monday to grant visa-free privileges to Taiwan tourists to boost bilateral civilian exchanges.
Wu made the call while meeting with a Canadian parliamentary delegation, headed by Jay Hill.

A&O loses 170,000 files in warehouse inferno
A huge warehouse blaze in East London has destroyed hundreds of thousands of legal documents belonging to a number of top City firms.
Allen & Overy (A&O), Norton Rose and Simmons & Simmons lost a huge number of files in last Wednesday night's (12 July) fire at a document storage warehouse belonging to Canada's Iron Mountain, on Twelvetrees Crescent in Bromley-by-Bow.

The Media Is Helping Bush Scare the Populace
What I'm saying is that there has been fear-mongering, the likes of which we have not seen in a long time in this country. It happened early in the cold war. We got accustomed to it, we learned to live with it, we learned to understand what it was about and get in proportion. We haven't done that yet with terrorism.
And this administration is really capitalizing on it and using it for its political advantage. No question, the academic testing shows, the empirical evidence shows, that when people are frightened, they tend to go to these authority figures, they tend to become more conservative. So it's paid off for them politically to do this. -- John Dean, author of "Conservatives Without Conscience," on MSNBC's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," July 10, 2006.

AP Erases Video of Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian Boy
In the midst of journalism’s “Sunshine Week” – during which the Associated Press and other news organizations are valiantly proclaiming the public’s “right to know” – AP insists on conducting its own activities in the dark, and refuses to answer even the simplest questions about its system of international news reporting.
Most of all, it refuses to explain why it erased footage of an Israeli soldier intentionally shooting a Palestinian boy.

Bush's faith and the Middle East aflame
So, as the world spins on a dime, where exactly are we? As a man who is no fan of fundamentalists of any sort, let me offer a proposition that might make some modest sense of our reeling planet. Consider the possibility that the most fundamental belief, perhaps in all of history, but specifically in these last catastrophic years, seems to be in the efficacy of force - and the more of it the merrier. That deep belief in force above all else is perhaps the monotheism of monotheisms, a faith remarkably accepting of adherents of any other imaginable faith - or of no other faith at all. Like many fundamentalist faiths, it is also resistant to drawing any reasonable lessons from actual experience on this planet.

Bush Counting on Israel to Quash Influence of Islamic Militants
The U.S. is banking on Israel achieving in Lebanon what years of diplomacy and conflict have so far failed to do: limit the ability of Syria and Iran to use Islamic radicals to undermine regional stability.
President George W. Bush and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice have signaled that Israel largely has a free hand in attacking the militant group Hezbollah in Lebanon. They have declined to set limits on Israeli action, and Rice says she won't engage in personal diplomacy until there is a clear path toward ending the extremist threat.
``We have a full understanding with the U.S. about the need to restore calm and stability in the region, and the only way to do it is to neutralize Hezbollah's capabilities,'' Daniel Ayalon, Israel's ambassador to the U.S., said yesterday in a telephone interview.

Cargill to Boost Canola Crushing in Canada for Fuels
Cargill Inc., the largest U.S. agricultural company, will expand a plant in Canada that processes canola seeds to meet rising demand for vegetable oil and fuels made from crops.
The plant in Clavet, Saskatchewan, will increase capacity by 36 percent to 3,000 metric tons a day from 2,200 tons, Wayzata, Minnesota-based Cargill said today in a statement.

Ghana: VRA Expansion in Danger
The desire by the country's energy giant, Volta River Authority (VRA), and its partners to expand their facilities to meet the increasing demand of electricity in the country seems to be suffering some setbacks.
Available information indicates that the government of Ghana has still not appended its signature to guarantee a $215-million-loan being sourced from the International Finance Corporation (IFC) by Takoradi International Company (TICO) to put up another generating plant at Aboadze to increase the total capacity of the Takoradi power plant to its projected 660 megawatts. VRA owns 10% shares in TICO.
The government of Ghana apparently does not want to be saddled with any debt secured for a private company. But the IFC, a private wing of the World Bank, is reportedly insisting that until the government guaranteed the loan, the $215 million would not be released to carry out the expansion of the plant.

Nigeria: Clinton, World Bank President, 15 Heads of State for Nigeria Next Week
Former President of the United States of America, William Jefferson Clinton, President of the World Bank, Dr Paul Wolfowitz and 15 presidents and heads of government are among dignitaries who have confirmed their participation at the 7th Leon Sullivan Summit scheduled for Abuja from July 17 to 20.
Clinton is billed to attend the opening luncheon of the Summit and deliver a speech at the occasion, while Wolfowitz will address leaders of the corporate world who have also confirmed their participation.
Fifteen presidents and heads of government have also confirmed their acceptance of Obasanjo's invitation for the Summit, expected to bring investors and corporate leaders from across the world to explore business opportunities in Africa.