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Headlines Jun 22/06

Canada Urged to Scrutinize Media Mergers
Mergers of Canadian news organizations should be given closer scrutiny under competition laws, a report by a committee of
Canada's Senate urged on Wednesday.
The report, which came after three years of hearings, also recommended that the government-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation end commercials on its TV networks and stop sports programming.

Canadian Public Companies turn to CIRI for Disclosure Solutions
The Canadian Investor Relations Institute (CIRI) is pleased to announce the publication of the Third Edition of Standards and Guidance for Disclosure, a handbook for public companies.
This book is a practical investor relations tool that describes practices that should be used by public companies to avoid selective disclosure, and includes a Model Disclosure Policy template that companies can use as a draft for their own disclosure policies.

Canadian reactor builder calls Candu sale report pure speculation
A published report that Ottawa is entertaining bids on Atomic Energy Canada's commercial nuclear reactor business is "pure speculation," a spokesman for the Crown corporation said Wednesday.
"It's our policy not to comment on any speculation or rumours that may be out there," Dale Coffin, director of communications for AECL, said of the report which he called "pure speculation."
In a story published Wednesday, an unnamed source said France's state-owned nuclear company Areva Group was in talks with Ottawa to purchase AECL's Candu reactor business.

Guardian Angels to patrol Edmonton streets
The Guardian Angels, a New York-based street patrol group known by their trademark red berets and matching jackets, will be setting up a chapter in Edmonton in October.
The group's national director, Lou Hoffer, made the announcement Wednesday in Toronto.

Fancy furniture goes for a song
More than $50,000 worth of designer office furniture, purchased by the federal government, shipped to Turin for the Winter Olympics and shipped back to Toronto at a premium, was sold off for just over $4,000 last week.

Canada must nurture conditions for P3s, say TD economists
Private sector partnerships could deliver infrastructure more cost effectively at equal, or even enhanced, levels of serviceCanadian governments have been joining countries around the world looking to public-private partnerships (P3s) as a partial solution to financing and managing public infrastructure. In a comprehensive report released today, TD economists are calling on Canadian policymakers to create the winning conditions for the P3 market to flourish.

Minister Lunn announces $2.4 million for satellite imaging: New project sharpens focus on canada
The Honourable Gary Lunn, Minister of Natural Resources, today announced a five-year, $2.4-million project to provide access to new, high-quality satellite images of Canada. Speaking at the 2006 Geomatics Leaders Forum in Ottawa, Minister Lunn also announced that the improved and standardized satellite images will be available to all Canadians for free over the Internet.
The newer and higher-quality images will be used for mapping, monitoring Canadian wetland areas and managing natural resources, and will support government decision and policy makers in the fields of public safety, health and the environment, as well as our northern and Aboriginal communities.

USW official tells industry chiefs universal health care’s time has come
The steel industry must stop listening to free-market gurus and advocate universal health care, a United Steelworkers official said Wednesday.
Arguments against a single-payer system, such as the Canadian universal program, ignore the competitive advantage that such a benefit gives to competitors of the United States, said Ron A. Bloom, special assistant to the president of the USW. Speaking to a roomful of steel executives at a national conference, Bloom said free-market arguments against national health care ignore real problems.

Youths Addressing Critical Global Issues
The Pole to Pole Leadership Institute, founded by a Canadian Adventure Leader and Inspirational speaker Martyn Williams, was set up to inspire the youth of today to stand up and be leaders within their communities whilst addressing the critical issues of our time, such as poverty, AIDS, Fair Trade, critical wildlife management. The Institute is currently calling for applicants aged 18-28 to apply for a South to North Pole human-powered journey.

UN Urban Forum Examines Terrorism, City Governance
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper says terrorism is among the biggest challenges facing the world's cities. Policy makers, activists and scientists are meeting in Canada for the United Nations sponsored World Urban Forum.
Over 8,000 people from over 150 countries have gathered in Vancouver for the five-day forum and trade show. The focus for the discussions and symposiums is to turn ideas into solutions for the world's growing population centers.

Will We Ruin The Canadian Tar Sands?
The Washington Post is wailing about the environmental ruination of that great ecological wonder, the Canadian tar sands.Canada's Athabasca Basin holds more hydrocarbons (oil) than anyplace else in the world. It has a huge patch of tarry goo — the remains of a once-vast inland lake — spotted amongst 40,000 square miles of jack pine and black spruce growing amid mosquito-rich swamps. The same evergreen-and-swamp vista extends in a broad band for more than 2,000 miles, from the Rocky Mountains in the west to the shores of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia on the Atlantic coast.

Bill Moyers set for 'Faith & Reason'
Monologues in silos. That's how Bill Moyers sizes up the fractured state of discourse in the culture today. And there is no greater communication gap than between absolutists taking their isolated refuge in the silos of spiritualism and secularism.
With an eye toward charting some common ground, and exploring the richness of that terrain, "Bill Moyers on Faith & Reason" presents seven weekly hourlong sessions with writers of wildly varying positions on belief and disbelief — and who collectively disavow any simple either-or polarity.

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